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    Monthly Goals | June 2022
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    Just a little check in ~ Ready to begin
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    Moving the Needle ~ Picking Which Project to Focus On

Monthly Goals | June 2022

Hello Friends!

It’s the beginning of another month, a new clean slate. And I am ready to fire on all cylinders. I have creative projects coming out of the wazoo. June will be a month of effectively clearing the decks. I have a bunch of videos and blog posts that really should have gone up a long time ago and I’m taking June as the opportunity to offload them in one fell swoop.

But not only am I catching up on old content I have a whole bunch of new projects that I am working on. And it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this excited about being creative, and it is a feeling I have deeply missed.


My biggest goal for June is to get my writing underway. Some of these writing projects I have had in the works since 2014 and by golly, it is about time I completed something. So I have challenged myself to vlog the writing process for the whole of June. Yes, this is a very big challenge for me, but I’m only thinking of 10-minute vlogs nothing too time-consuming, just a short check in on how I’ve progressed that day.

As for what writing will I be doing during this challenge? I actually have three projects on the go. This may seem a bit odd to be dividing my attention this way, especially when my goal is to complete something. But I have learnt that I get bored working on one novel. Focusing all of my energy on it can leave me a bit burnt out. So I’ve taken to dividing my attention across 2 to 3 projects. I will keep working on Project A until my creative well runs drive and then move on to Project B, then once I can work no more on that one I will move on to Project C. So over the course of the 30-day challenge I could potentially finish all three projects, which would be such a big win.

Beauty content

Likewise, on my beauty channel, there will be a video a day this month. I have a bunch of videos already edited and uploaded ready to go and a few more that are already sitting waiting to be edited. I just need to film a handful of other videos to fill up the empty days. This month I’ll be uploading the rest of my makeup collection videos and some overdue project plan related videos.

My hopes for this month are that it will bring back my regular viewers. I used to regularly get 500 views per video, now I’m lucky if I get 100 views per video, which is shocking because I haven’t lost any subscribers. I will be focusing on making my thumbnails appealing, engaging more in the comments and utilising the community tab more so that I, as a creator, show up more in the feed of my subscribers.

Personal development

Personal growth is an area that I’ve been focusing on this year. I’ve been journaling for mental health. I have been organising my time in a productive manner and I’ve even taken the plunge into the realm of self-help books which have been surprisingly useful.

I will be taking part in the next round of the HB90 Bootcamp. It was so helpful in setting up for this quarter. I’ve actually gotten more work done in the past 3 months than I have done in years. Joining in on the course and having that sense of support and being in the community with people who have the same mindset as yourself gives you the boost to tackle your goals head on.

I will also be looking at more superficial personal development. For example, exercising more and watching what I eat. Trying to get my body back to where I’m kind of happy with it. I’ve wholly accepted that I’ll never get my pre baby body back. I will always have stretch marks and a pooch of a stomach. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have toned thighs and look nice in a dress and feel more comfortable in my clothes.

These are just the key points I want to work on throughout June. Of course, there are other areas that I will always be working on at a low level. Such as social anxiety, which is something I’ve had a problem with for many years and I’m getting better with it. Every day I make it a point to have one social interaction, whether is an in-person social interaction or online, because sometimes commenting online just seems scarier than if the person were in front of you.

I’m looking forward to a productive month and I hope it will be just as productive for you.

I’d love to know what goals you are looking to achieve in June?