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  • Just a little check in ~ Ready to begin

    Just a little check in ~ Ready to begin
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    Moving the Needle ~ Picking Which Project to Focus On

Just a little check in ~ Ready to begin

Hello friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful week. In fact, I hope you’ve all been doing well since I last wrote a coffee morning post, it has been a long time. I have been a bit here, there and everywhere on my end of things, this week, in particular, was a bit climatic. Things that have been building up for a while finally came to a head and exploded. Amongst other things, of course, there are always other things going on, other factions of life contributing to stress, but that is the joy of life is it not.

A quote that I recently read has become a new maxim in my life; the best thing about the past is that it is over. The past need not concern me any longer. I’ve also read that this is one of the main sources of depression and anxiety. Looking back at the past and how things could have been, dwelling causes depression. Looking to the future and worrying about what may be, causes anxiety. I have time for neither of these things in my life anymore.

One of the best things I did earlier this year was to enrol in Sarra Cannon’s HB90 Planning Bootcamp, it was an amazing experience. I will do a post specifically about this course because the next boot camp is about to open for enrollment. Essentially this course teaches you how to work on goals with intention and break those goals down into achievable portions. I was actually about to order the new printable for the planer that goes along with this method and happily discovered that the version I previously purchased was an undated one, so I can just print it as many times I like the rest of my days.

So I now have my binder ready to go with its new planner in it and I will be planning my goals for the next quarter. If this is something that you would be interested in me going more in-depth about I can do a few blog posts specifically about the process or I can do this on my YouTube channel in a video format because I have that wonderful overhead tripod now I am just dying to use it in a video.

Generally speaking, I didn’t get a whole lot done this week. It’s been that way for a while, I haven’t been getting a whole lot done. The intention is there but it’s mostly been a lot of wheel spinning, a lot of busy work and not any actual fruits of my labour. If you read my previous posts you will understand that not having anything to show for the hours and hours of work you’ve been doing for the last couple of months doesn’t really do much to defend your case when you’re trying to argue that what you’re doing will be successful. This situation is like about this I love the popcorn analogy. I forget where it actually came from but again I will probably be doing a post specifically about this in the future. The popcorn analogy is that you put in the microwave for its set amount of time; maybe 3 minutes, maybe 4 minutes. After the first minute none of the kernels have popped but the popcorn doesn’t give up it, doesn’t go “oh well, I haven’t become popcorn I’m going to give up”. The second minute goes by again maybe a few kernels pop but it’s still not quite popcorn. It doesn’t give up so it keeps going until its full time is up, until it’s a bowl of popcorn and that is the creative process. Just because you haven’t started popping yet doesn’t mean you won’t.

So I suppose the whole purpose of this post is to say that I am still here, my wheels are still spinning and hopefully, I will find the right gear and get up the stupid big ass hill. I’ve had a few setbacks and I’ve fallen along the way and I don’t know how many other analogies I can use to describe that I haven’t quite achieved what I thought I would have achieved by now. But then is that not what mostly happens with us. We set these goals to achieve these dreams in the set amount of time and it never really quite comes off the way we think it will because things are outside of our control. We come up with our ideal way of how we want to achieve our goal but we forget to take into account other people’s demands on us. And while it would be easy for us to think they are selfish for not allowing us to do what we want to do, we must also consider our own selfishness.

The week ahead is a clean slate. I have reassessed my goals and adjusted my schedule and I am ready to move forward and tackle projects in a more flexible manner.

I have lots of content coming up in the week ahead and, indeed, the month ahead. With daily videos going up on both my beauty channel and writing channel. And with the rate I’ve been writing these blog posts, potentially there will be a post a day here too. There will be plenty to keep you entertained and if you have any questions or requests please let me know in the comments or you can drop me an email at And I wish you all a productive week ahead.