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Using All My Makeup

I’ve spoken before about how I own too many beauty products. I felt my makeup deserved a post of it’s own. I’ll be the first to admit that I own way too much makeup for a normal person. Sure I tried my hand at being a Beauty Youtubre and a Beauty Blogger, but that was 5 years ago now. And several declutters later I still have and horde of makeup.

I’ve been focusing on project panning for the past few years and honest felt like I was getting no where with it. I would feel a lot of guilt. Guilty if I bought new makeup, guilty for not using the makeup I already own, guilty for not finishing the makeup I was trying to pan. I would only use my project pan makeup but it would get to a point where I would rather not do my makeup than use the products I was forcing myself to use.

The turning point for me was all the TAG videos popping up in my subscription feed. Your ride or die products. If all my makeup disappeared what would I buy. Ranking Eye Shadow Palettes. I couldn’t take part in any of these TAGs because I couldn’t answer any of the questions, because I didn’t know my makeup anymore. How can I tell you my favourite foundation when I’ve been using the same 6 for the past 2 years and I’m not particularly fond of any of them.

So I made the decision to stuff it all and just use my damn makeup. I’ve put makeup in my everyday basket and I have been using it until I get bored and change it out. I’ve put together a palette of single shadows, blushes and highilghts which I reach for all the time because it has a black eye shadow it it that I’m making a point of using as a liner.

Of course I will be taking part in some project pan projects in 2021 but i will be a lot more reserved and mostly focusing on product that are almost finished. Although I do have some personal goals on how much makeup I’d like to use up, but that’s another post. But I will focusing mainly on usage goals. Selecting products to use 10 times, then rolling them into a group to use 20 times, then rolling them into a group to use 50 times and if the survive that I’d love to have group to try reach 100 uses. It would be a challenge but definitely rewarding.

Do you feel detached from your makeup collection?

Which products do you wish you could use more?