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That Moment You Realise ThatYou Have Too Much Stuff

Ever since we moved out of my parents I have struggle with being able to store my things. I’ve worked out storing books and clothes, shoes are but of a work in process but as I wear out their soles it’s becoming less of an issue. But my beauty produccts and makeup … well that’s an ongoing pain in my neck.

With having small children I want all of my makeup and beauty products up out of the way.lest little hand grab things and destroy them. There have admittedly been a few casualties, including an entire bottle of facial oil that was poured over my bed. For the most part things have been safe but I realised earlier this year that if I wanted any hope in encouraging myself to use up my products I had to have them out where i could see them, and I just didn’t have the shelf space for that. So I bought one of those 4×4 cube storgae units. It was a little bigger than I’d at=nticipated, but great that means it would hold everything right?

For a while it was proving effective, but anytime I bought something new the cubes grew untidy and I wasn’t able to store things neatly. I got to the point that products would fall like an avalanche on to the floor. Of course I could go back to storing things away, but out of sight out of mind.

An obvious solution would be to stop buying anything until I had space. But after years of greatly reducing the number of products I purchase to the point of barely purchasing anything, I would like to be able to welcome new items in to my stash. And I feel I do this at a fairly reasonable rate, not like the hordes of products I used to purchase. I see the solution is to be intentional about using my products.

Using a lotion once a week afer a bath is going to take an eternity to use up. But using the lotion twice a day I can finish it in 10 days. Intentionally working my products into my daily routine is the perfect way to use them up. I have found a similar result with my scented waxes, intentionally using my warmers has helped me make a dent in my wax collection.

I will pick out a months worth of skincare at a time and usually by the end of the month I will have finished 4-5 skincare product. I make a point of wearing perfume every day, even if I’m not going anywhere, and I’ll reapply it too.

Now my kids are that bit older I don’t have to have absolutely everything up out of reach. So I only keep what will comforstably fit in the cubes. The rest are stored in canvas boxes in the core=ner of the room. It’s unsightly and I hate having to look at them every day, which encourages me to use my products more.

I’ve never had a probablem with owning too many products, it never bothered me before. But for that to work you have to have a steady balance of products being finished or you could end up drowning in body lotion. With my current product usage I hope to get in to that sweet spot where I’m using more products than I’m buying and I can get back to that place where all my beauty products will comfortably fit in the “on display” storage areas.

At what point would you fell you had too many beauty products?

What would you do to tackle the problem?