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    Moving the Needle ~ Picking Which Project to Focus On
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    Hitting Rock Bottom ~ Mental Health Takes A Dip
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    A Decade of Disappointment
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    Starting Over

Change on the Horizon… Start Now

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you are all well. Given everything that has happened this year, it’s become easier to let the frivolous things go. Learning to look inward for contentment and satisfaction has been my biggest lesson this year. I know it’s not even December and I’m already evaluating what I’ve earned this year, and why not? Maybe that is one of the reasons we don’t achieve everything that we plan to. Our brain is programmed that there must be a start point. Start of the week, the start of term, the start of the year. In the meantime we’re missing out on all the progress we could be making and may even lack the motivation to begin when the time actually arrives. Whether you want to start saving money, lose weight or write a book; don’t wait, do it now, start now.

2021 is going to be one hell of a year.

This year has made me look at things differently and work out what my priorities are. I’ve learned to be more realistic and accurate when I make plans. Instead of just setting goals and hoping I’ll reach them, I think of all the things I have to do to reach that goal. I’ve been doing a lot of personal growth and teaching myself discipline instead of relying on “motivation”.

But most of all I’ve learned to take action. Act or be acted upon. Learn something new, or be left in the dark. Wear the clothes, or they will be moth-eaten. Use the products, or you will drown in clutter. The more actions I take the more I want to take action.

I’ve gotten myself into wonderful routines with my beauty regime and skincare which have allowed me to get to know my products again. The act of just using my products has proved more positive than being in the constant pursuit of using them up. Just like reading what I want instead of what I should be reading. I’m now reading far more and more quickly, too.

I’ve also learned that there is no shame in taking downtime. I don’t feel the need to justify it and label in self-care or mental health break. It’s not healthy to be on all the time and it’s also not healthy to be pretend relaxing. I’ve been using a planner to map out what I need to do and make more effective use of my time, so when I come to relax I don’t have hundreds of incomplete tasks hanging over my head.

Taking the time to learn these lessons have set me up to finally start the journey of taking control of my life. I’ve tried out systems and mindset processes before, but they’ve been short-lived and ineffective. The productivity version of a get rich quick scheme. To enable long-lasting true change, you have to be the change. Trying to fit what I want to achieve into the Girl Boss Hustle way of working just wasn’t going to cut it. Neither was the ridged step by step model that had the underlying message that any deviation would lead to failure. Working with the process that comes most natural to me polished up with some discipline and so efficiency tricks is the path I’m forging.

What is in the future?

As ever, I have so much I want to share (I swear that’s going to be etched on my grave). Instead of just talking about it this time I’m actually doing it.

Daily blog posts are on the way, on a variety of topics. I have videos coming to my YouTube channel, a lot of pre-recorded videos at first but it will settle to 3 days a week.

I’m also working on my writing. I’m vlogging the process and those videos will be out in the new year, along with my first releases. I can barely contain my excitement. I have very big goals I’d like to achieve in this area of my life and I’ll share them in more detail soon enough.

What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned this year?

How have you grown?