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Resetting My Goodreads Goal

Since having kids many things I used to do and the ways I used to spend my time fell further and further down the priority list. Reading was one of my hobbies that was heavily impacted. Either I generally didn’t have time or I was too tired when I did. And it didn’t really get much easier as the kids were getting older, with potty training and the like, little kids are a hands-on job.

Being the time of reader I am, this caused some problems. Ultimately, when I begin a book I like to finish it in an appropriate amount of time or I begin to lose interest and eventual just move on. The constant interruptions and sometimes days that would go by between reading sessions, meant I wasn’t getting to the end of very many books. In fact, last year I only finished 2 books… yeah, it’s shameful.

Now the kids are just that bit older and able to do more by themselves, I find my self with a bit more free time. Not a whole lot more but enough. So when I found my Kindle literally covered in dust on the shelf, I thought it was the perfect time to boot it up again. I started by reading a few short stories that I’d seen Lainey recommend and next thing I know I’m diving headfirst into Romance fiction. I’m getting as far as to read a full-length novel in a day, the likes of which have not been heard of in almost 4 years.

So with my renewed passion for reading, I have decided to revise my Goodreads Goal for 2020. I had set my target for 10 books. Not the highest number but it would be a whole lot better than last year. I have always liked the idea of reading 100 books in a year. I’ve never been able to do it, but then again I’ve probably never tried hard enough. This year I’m going for it, I’m aiming to read 100 books.

This would seem like a really lofty goal if I were reading lots of epic fantasy, those things are beasts. Don’t get me wrong though I do intend to start working my way through my collection of Fantasy novels later on in the year, for now, the quick-paced, page-turning world of Romance is where it’s at. I’m making my way through a lot of Dark Romance Shorts, so hopefully, I’ll be adding to my book count fairly quickly.

Have you set any reading goals for the year?