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Living A Life Less Perfect

My blog had pretty much ground to a halt. Behind the scenes, I’m hustling away prepping and planning. I have dozens of almost completed drafts, some are just titles for cracking ideas I’ve had, but none have seen the light of day because they weren’t right. Either the writing wasn’t perfect or I could get a good enough (blog-worthy) picture; or, worst of all, someone else, with a bigger following than I, had just made a post on the exact same topic and I was terrified of being labelled a copy cat.

So many hours wasted. The amount of product I held back on using because I wanted (felt like I needed) to take pictures of them in a perfect unused state. All because I’d swallowed this idea that blogs (beauty and lifestyle blogs in particular) should look as polished as a magazine. Which is so silly. Blogs sprung up as an alternative to magazines, to be real and raw and relatable.

I read this post from Make Erin Over yesterday about her reality versus what she feels expected to portray online and it just reinforced how I’ve been feeling. Nobody got time for that!

Between work, Avon, two kids and trying to see family and friends, I’m lucky if I can pull an hour out of my ass to sit down and write. And it infuriates me that I feel the need to have a “set-up” for taking pictures because I don’t have a marble table or white linens on my bed (I don’t own any white bedding), even my dresser is marked and yellowing because it’s 15 years old! I feel like I can’t take pictures of my outfits because none of my clothes are “current”.

And I know that last one will look like a weird point to make as there aren’t any outfit posts on this blog, but that is the point. I used to do them often when I hosted on Blogger, but then I got a domain name. Because that’s what you do to show you’re taking blogging seriously and everything posting on your platform after that point has to be perfect and polished to show how seriously you take blogging. Yes, I know I’m being a bit dramatic but this is basically what it boils down to.

Blogging was always relaxing for me. A place I could gush about the latest launches, vent about my dislike of a certain trend or just share some bits I was lusting after. Somewhere along the way it changed. You needed a niche, your pictures needed to be bright (read that as overexposed and not actually showing the true colour of products), you had to have the latest and greatest and stay ahead of the curve. I became work. Don’t get me wrong, I love working on my blog, but I hate feeling like every post has a deadline.

So from now on, you’re going to get unpolished and off the cuff posts like this. I’m going to post about a topic no matter who has talked about them first. And, for the most part, I’m going to ditch the picture set-up. There will pictures with my uninstagramable bedding or with a bit of clutter in the background. Heck, there will probably be a child’s foot in some shots because they just can’t stay away when the camera comes out. But most of all, it will be real.