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Girl! Where You Been?

June wasn’t a great month for me. You may have noticed I haven’t been posting at all on youtube or here, and I’d even been quiet on social media. Jun was stressful and exhausting. I had to prioritise other areas of my life and everything I do to relax had to take a backseat.

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Broken Things

First of all our cooker broke. Every time we’d try to use it, it would either trip straight away or within 15 minutes. We had someone come look at it and because It didn’t trip straight away, they said there was nothing they could do without stripping it down because they couldn’t see an obvious problem. I did not have the money for that, it would be cheaper to save for a new one. I have so many people show me second-hand cookers for sale (some were free) but there’s no way to check they work before I buy them, and I wasn’t about to pay someone to wire in a cooker that may not work or that might break a month or so down the line, when I could save for a new one with a warranty. Thankfully Nick’s parents offered to buy one for us, so now we have a cooker again.

Also, my phone finally bit the dust. It was 6 years old, which is an eternity to have the same phone these days. The battery had started playing up a few months back, it would only keep enough charge for 12hrs and then it got to the point it would only work when plugged in. Some told me to try taking the battery out and popping it back in again. When I took it out of the case I found the back panel of the phone was actually cracked and I couldn’t get the phone back together, and without the tension of the back panel the battery won’t stay in place. So I had to make a quick phone purchase. It was £10 from Asda, it has buttons and no internet. It’s 2005 all over again… I hare it. But it’ll do until I can sort out a proper upgrade, whether through my provider or save for one.

Life and Family

The big one was Rowan getting his MMR. The jab itself was fine, he cried a bit then slept most the rest of the day. But this is a biggie of an immunisation and reactions come in waves, the nurse said it could affect him for up to 6 weeks or he may have no side effects. For the most part, he was just sleepy and clingy, although he did have a bit if a fever too. But it also made him unsettled during the night. This caused a few arguments because I knew he just wanted comfort and I was happy to hold him all night if that’s what he needed, but my partner thought I was spoiling him and that I was going to ruin his routine. But once the effects wore off Rowan went right back to sleep all night in his crib. Mama knows best!

Luna also had her induction for Nursery which is exciting. She starts in September, which means we have until then to complete her potty training and get her comfortable with wearing pants. I’ve told her she can’t go to school commando but she refuses to wear them. So far she’s really good with using the potty, but she still waits until the last minute to tell you she needs to go, and we need to progress to the big toilet.

And to cap it off, I have to see a Physio Therapist, because my insides are falling out of my vag. I’m lucky that it’s not a uterine or cervical prolapse. Nah; I just have a bladder and rectum prolapse instead. Who said childbirth wasn’t glamorous? I have to be very thorough with my pelvic floor exercises and they’ll see how I progress. Because my symptoms have improved since my initial appointment with the doctor, the Physio is confident that I shouldn’t need surgery, which I’m very thankful for.

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With all this stressing me out more than usual, I’ve had a major dip in my appetite and energy levels. I was falling asleep so quickly at night (or at any opportunity really) that I took a pregnancy test just in case (I’m not, phew). It never rains for me, it pours. But things are starting to fall back in place. My only issue at the moment is finding the correct plug for my video camera. I’ve found one that fits, but it won’t charge, but the camera will work when it’s plugged in. If it ends up meaning no more videos for a while, then so be it because I just can not afford a new camera right now.

Surely life will wait a while before it lights another fire under my heels?

Fingers crossed