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Good Morning Birthday Girl

I’m 30 today!

I’ve also got the whole of next week off of work. Even though I’m only in 3 days a week it’ll be great to have the break. Well, it won’t really be much of a break as we have so much planned.

We’ve started trying to potty train Luna again. I’ve been told from many sources that if we stick with it she should get it in a week, so fingers crossed, I’ll be glad to be spending less on nappies each month.

We’re also working on getting Rowan to sleep all night in his crib. He’s finally willing to go in at night without screaming the house down but we haven’t been able to get him to settle again when he wakes. We end up letting him sleep in his sling chair for the rest of night. Mostly because I have work in the morning and need to get back to sleep myself. So it’ll be easier to deal with when I don’t have to be up early. Crying toddlers in the early hours don’t mix well with the 9-5.

We’re also finally going to unpack the last of our boxes that we moved in with almost 2 years ago and just have a general declutter. I’ve held on to so much stuff just in case or for a purpose that never came to pass. So it’s time for it to go. I need there to be less stuff in my house.

And if that’s not enough to keep me occupied, I’m going to br taking the opportunity to catch up on blog posts. I have so many half-written ones that should have been up a week or so ago, so I just want to finish off loose ends.

Here’s to a great week