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Presenting A United Front

Good Morning All!

My plan to comeback didn’t really go to plan did it haha 😂😂 But that’s ok, new plans can be formed and here I am attempting to follow through on them.

I have spent the past month planning and re planning. Trying to find the balance between what I want to achieve and what is actually achievable. I’ve been pushing myself the power through tiredness and lack of motivation, because no one is going to do this for me.

I’m attempting to merge my blog and youtube channel. For a long time it felt like I running two very different shows and that I had to divide my interests, it was exhausting and I was slowly losing interest in content creation. I almost packed it in altogether, and with so many failed starts under my belt I’m sure others would have felt the same.

So here we are with a new beginning and a sense of unity. Yes, I will still be doing my project pan videos, and no, I won’t be flooding your blog feed with them. But I will have more informative posts about my experiences and tips with project panning and decluttering. I’ll also be share some more Lifestyle and reading/writing content, posts that are both written and have a video feature. I’m really looking forward to sharing a more well-rounded version of myself instead of breaking myself down into chunks.

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead and enjoy the content I have coming up!