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Where Have I Been?

Sunday Coffee Morning_zpsq4kbth78

Yes, I am back from another one of my legendary absences. I’m a lttie bummed out that I had to abandon my attempt at Blogmas, missed the end of yrear wrap up adn setting my goals for 2019. Well, I have my goals written down and pinned where I can see them. I may still make that post.

Last year didn’t end too well and this year hasn’t gotten off to a great start either. The past two months have just been bouts of illness for bothe the kids and myself. Besides that Avon has taken up a lot of my time.

I’m actually having to evaluate whether Avon is really worth it for me. The time I put for very little return. And whatever return I would receive is pretty much wiped out by people messing me about. Folk wonder why they go without an Avon Rep for years on end, maybe it has something to do with way you treat them. I am just one person, with two legs and a finite amount of time on my hands. But this is an epic rant for another day.

On a more positive not my wee Rowrow turned One. He’s getting about so much now, I’m sure he’s going to be running around any moment now. He’s also forming words too. So soon I’ll have two little darling folloiwing me sing the never ending “Mum, Mum, Mum” chorus.

I’ll just keep this short. Mostly because I don’t want to dwell on the past, but also because the service I use to write this has updated and it’s rather confusing.

I’ll be back with regular content really soon