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Christmas, Home Improvements, Car Repairs, Don’t Let The Bills Win!

British shoppers are expected to spend almost £5 billion on Christmas night out, and a whopping £19 billion on presents. And that’s only for the last few weeks of the year! The next significant areas of expenses in the British budget are home improvement projects, with over £40 billion over the last 5 years, and car with over £520 billion going into commuting costs, insurance cover, maintenance, repair and improvements.
With so many going on – and especially coming OUT –, it’s easy to see how one could feel overwhelmed by bills. Indeed, while these are some of the most critical areas in your budget at the moment, there are many more invoices coming your way, from household maintenance to additional medical bills. How can you get back control over the expenses?


Clear out your head by going through the expenses that are coming out at any given time. Financial advisors recommend using your income as a starting point – from wages to additional benefits or pensions if relevant. This figure ultimately is how much you have to spend. Admittedly, if you’re in a spot of difficulty, you might prefer to focus on how to cover the amount you’ve spent over budget, but for now, you want to create a frame line. Not all expenses have the same priority. Make a list of the essential outgoings against the discretionary expenses. The purpose is not to get rid of the small luxuries but to delay unnecessary purchases and give yourself some breathing room.

In the short term, you need to pay
The most common issue is when your discretionary expenses take over, as this leaves you with no fund to cover your essential outgoings. For short-term bills that need to be paid rapidly, you might need to borrow from lenders with a quick turnaround, such as Now Loans. When you can postpone payment – or if the payment is scheduled in the mid to long-term, you can find additional solutions to generate extra income. Selling your skills as a freelancer on Upwork can be the ideal strategy, for instance.

The long-term solution
Whether you need to borrow or you can wait to pay, you can’t afford to ignore the behaviour that’s put you in financial difficulties. The Number One mistake is to manage your household without a budget. Creating a budget gives you the insight you need to stick to your priority expenses and to decide to afford or not extra luxuries. As you focus your attention on your budget, you will also, in the process, gradually improve your credit score by repaying outstanding expenses.

Your goal: Make it happen
More and more young adults struggle with financial issues. The lack of budget management appears to be the primary source of their problems. However, there’s an alarming underlying cause behind this fact: 20% of adults in the UK have no financial goal. As a result, they lack financial strategy. The bottom line is that the bills are more likely to drag you down if you don’t know what you want to do with your money.

Every year, too many Britons fall under the pressure of heavy expenses. Sure, things are not going cheaper, but you can’t use inflation as an excuse. Keeping an organised mindset is the way to stop fearing the bill!

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