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Caught in the Middle | When Your Kids and Your Parents Depend on You


You are getting towards that difficult age where everybody in your life seems to depend on you. Your parent are getting older and require your constant support and your kids are growing up too. When it comes to self care you try and make time for yourself as often as you can, but recently you have found it extremely difficult. You seem to be pulled in a hundred different directions at the moment and you are starting to lose steam. Being caught in the middle like this is not uncommon, so you are not alone in this. You just need to seek out the right support and try to focus on each day as it comes. Getting overwhelmed will happen very easily if you don’t learn to say no sometimes, so think about all of the following ideas and try to make your life a little smoother along the way.

Looking to the Future

You hate the thought of making plans for your elderly parents in the future, but you realise it is going to happen someday soon. Instead of being blindsided by funeral costs and legal procedures, you might want to start getting ahead now. Heart of England Funeralcare might be able to assist you with the preparations and ease your burdens just a little bit. If you spread the workload over time you will find it much easier to deal with when that unfortunate day comes.

The Frustrations and Upsets

At the moment your parents seem to think you are at their constant beck and call every single day. They don’t understand that you are trying to live your life too and raise a family of your own. You completely empathise with them and know they must get lonely, but they are becoming more and more demanding by the day. There are some days where you just want to come home after a hard day at work and relax, but you have so many other people to take care of before yourself. Making sure your parents have eaten and your kids have had a bath are just a few of the things on your to-do list every evening. Learn to say no sometimes and explain your point of view to your parents; hopefully they will understand and cut you a little bit of slack.

Finding Time for Yourself Again

You have spent so long running after other people and making sure their needs are taken care of, that you have completely neglected yourself. You now need to find more time for yourself and indulge in a little bit of much needed self care. Whether you take yourself on a mini break for a weekend or simply start up a new hobby you have always wanted to do; it’s time to start putting yourself first again.

When you are depended on by so many people it can become incredibly overwhelming. You want to make everybody happy, but you realise it is wearing you down. Make sure you find a balance between caring for those you love and caring for yourself.

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