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Proactive Ways to Improve Your Life in 12 Months

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How happy are you in your life at the moment? Are you in a rut, and need to make a change- or if things are good, could they be better? Twelve months is a great space of time to be abl to set goals and smash them, and if you stick with what you aim to do, think of the position you could be in by next Christmas. Here are a few ideas.

Eat your five a day
Most people set themselves crazy, unrealistic goals for exercise and dieting. It’s no wonder that they can fall by the wayside after a few weeks. The trick to healthy living is to make it part of your lifestyle, it should be habit rather than something you force yourself to do. One easy way you can make better choices is to aim to get your five portions of fruit and veg a day, every day. Chances are, you’ll make better choices without even realising it, and fresh produce can replace unhealthy snacks and larger portions of meat or starchy carbs on your plate meaning it’s easier to lose or maintain your weight. Get creative, try recipes that are heavy on the veg and try out different smoothie combinations. Experiment with interesting salads that you’ll actually want to eat– it doesn’t have to be rabbit food! This change alone can put your diet on a much better track. By doing this, you provide your body with all of the vitamins and minerals you need to thrive and protect yourself against lots of diseases. Within a few weeks you’ll notice more energy, and after twelve months think of all of the good you could have done for your body.

Learn to drive
According to statistics, less millennials are driving- and the ones that are tend to do so later. There are lots of reasons for this, the high cost of living and the fact that our age group tend to prefer living in and around cities. With great public transport links but high levels of congestion for cars, it’s easy to put off learning to drive when there are better ways to get around. However, it’s never a bad thing to have your license, what if you want to move away and will need to rely on a car. What if you got offered a fantastic job, but you needed to be able to drive? Lots of people put off learning because they think they won’t be able to afford a car once they pass, but there are plenty of great finance deals out there that allow you to spread the cost. Take this new Vauxhall car 0% APR finance offer for example, you’d pay no interest for five years! Even if you don’t plan on owning a car for some time, at least once you’ve got your license you have the option there. You might need a couple of refresher lessons to boost your confidence, but it’s pretty much like a bike- once you’ve learned you don’t forget.

Save 5% of your wages
For most of us, money can be tight at times and we’re all working to some kind of budget. But save five percent of what you earn each month, and after a year you’ll have a good chunk of money to use however you want. You could go on holiday, or redecorate your home. You could continue saving and start aiming towards a mortgage deposit. You could just spend it on next Christmas. Either way, five percent of what you earn shouldn’t be too noticeable, and allows you to build up savings.

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