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Weight Check And Going Dairy Free

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I’ve been a bit off my game this week and haven’t been at my computer much. It’s had a big impact on everything I had planned to get done this week and I’ve even ended up with content going live when it wasn’t ready to because I haven’t had time to fix it. I feel bizarrely drained and to be honest, this past week has thrown me through a bit of a loop.

My week started off great. Monday was the best day I’ve had in ages. I filmed and edited some videos, got some writing done and even took a bunch of pictures for the blog. I was in such a happy mood, the kids were a dream. And then Tuesday happened.

The Weight Review
We had Rowan’s weight review and he only put on 400g in the past 4 weeks. He’s dropped a bunch of percentiles and the H/V(Health Visitor) is concerned. We weren’t initially concerned because he has been growing a lot lately. At 5 months, his sister could still fit into newborn clothing and even at 2 years old she can still fit clothing for a child half her age. Rowan is starting to grow out of his 3-6 month clothing, which made us think he was on a normal trajectory. He consumes the recommended amount of milk every day and gives no indication of additional hunger. I feel like the H/V thinks we are lying about how much he eats, but he takes what he takes and he’ll take no more. You can force a baby to eat more than they are willing to.

The H/V was also concerned about his eczema. He’s had a couple of flare-ups and when he was in the clinic he itched the skin on his torso and it became inflamed and bled where he had scratched. We believe it to be a reaction to the heat. My cousin had extreme eczema as a child, heat irritates eczema and makes it itchy and when they start scratching it, it’s difficult to stop until it bleeds and even then they might not stop. Every time we’ve been at the clinic the weather has been in the mid to high teens and at home we only see his skin look like this when he’s hot. But the H/V believes it to be a milk allergy and that I should go dairy free for a month, then she sent us to see the duty doctor (AGAIN!).

I would have rather made an appointment with our doctor instead of seeing another different doctor. Our doctor is happy with his skin and we have a care plan for his eczema. But the new doctor gave him a checkup and while everything was fine, they just told us to continue with the care plan, give him the antihistamine as required and sent us away with a prescription for Pepti 1 (formula milk for babies with cow milk allergy) to top up alongside the breastfeeding.

Going Dairy Free
I did a lot of reading about milk allergy in babies and the only symptom Rowan has is the eczema. I eat pretty much the same thing every day and his skin fluctuates all the same, which is why I’m apprehensive to believe it’s a dietary issue. And for the most part, I don’t eat straight dairy; milk in my tea, some cheese if I have a sandwich (maybe once or twice a week) and a yoghurt after dinner at night. But I have gone ahead and cut all dairy and products containing dairy out of my diet so we can see if it makes a difference.

It took three days to go fully dairy free. I kept slipping up, I’m a creature of habit. But yesterday was my first full day and it was exhausting. I’ve been relying on my mid-afternoon chocolate bar to give the energy boost I need until dinner time and I did enjoy the odd cheeky biscuit with my tea. I tried to replace these with popcorn and crackers, even Jelly Tots, but I just felt drained and generally unsatisfied. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some kind of junk food addict, I eat plenty of fruit and veg. I just need to find something to fill the void.

So my mission today involves a trip to ASDA. I need to pick up some milk alternatives, get some more fruit and nuts for snacking and get some Soreen to have with my tea. Just try and make this transition less restrictive.

I’ve also noticed I’ve lost a bit of weight in the last day or so, which I suppose is a plus. Maybe it won’t all be bad. And hopefully, Rowan’s skin will clear up. If not, well, it’ll be back to the drawing board.

I hope you all had an easier week.