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Goals 2018 | Q1 Update

At the beginning of the year, I outlined what I wanted to achieve in terms of content creation. I wanted to take everything a bit more seriously and post regular content across all my platforms. This is just a quick check in to mark my progress through the first quarter and adjust my plans going forward.

I have been uploading fairly regularly on my Main Channel, except for a little break I took when Rowan was born. The change in Youtube’s Adsense policy means that my Channel has bee demonetised, which is disheartening but it hasn’t deterred as I can reapply when my Channel reaches the requirements.
On my Main Channel, I’m currently producing enough content to post five videos a week (almost daily in April). I’ve also started uploading on my Booktube Channel again, with videos going up twice a week.

I’ve gotten into a great routine for writing content for the blog. While I’m still only aiming for 3-4 posts a week, I’d be perfectly happy to increase that to daily if I have the content on hand.

Basic Makeup
With adapting to having the two kids to take care of, I pushed the launch back to April. Again the requirement of the Adsense threshold is having an impact. The channel had already been approved but because I kept pushing back the launch, I haven’t had a chance to even attempt reaching the threshold.
I have started producing content for this platform, with videos going up twice a week and blog posts three times a week. But with everything else I have going on, I feel like I need an extra pair of hands or two. Someone to run the social media aspect and PR, and someone else to help create content. Of course, I doubt anyone would do this for free but the extra help would make this platform generate a profit more quickly than if I were on my tod.

Perhaps any fellow bloggers reading this might be interested in guest posting with the opportunity of paid work further down the line?

I’m very happy with what I have achieved so far this year and I have a good feeling this is set to continue (bar any unexpected incidents). Wish me luck for the quarter ahead and I’ll share my progress at the start of July.