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The Limitations Of One Person

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For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to work for myself. I don’t know why, to be honest. Maybe deep in my subconscious, I can remember that period of time when my Dad was bouncing from job to job and decided the best way to avoid that myself was to be self-employed. So far this hasn’t come to fruition, but that’s not from lack of trying.

Last week I was browsing clothing websites looking to see what was in fashion and I was very much disappointed (I will have a post about this soon). After I had a big ole moan about it, my partner turned and said if I didn’t like what was on offer I should design my own. And he meant it.
When we met I had a jewellery shop on eBay. I was one of those people who made Hello Kitty earrings and my Jack Skellington necklaces were a big hit. But I had to give it up. I’d quit college to work on the business and my Mum said that because I wasn’t in education anymore I would have to pay rent, £50 a week to be exact. At the time the eBay Store wasn’t making that kind of money so I picked up more shifts at work and ended up working up to 60hrs a week. This meant the store suffered and I opted to give it up rather than offering a sub-par service. I wish I’d quit the job.
Now the idea has surfaced again it’s unlocked things I haven’t thought about in a long time. I had imagined a retail empire of goods designed and manufactured right here in Britain. Even at 18 years old I understood how much out-sourcing was damaging our manufacturing industry and in turn, our economy. I wanted to change that. I wanted to help up and coming British designers from regional colleges and offer workers a trade. It was a big dream that stopped with me.

When every I share this idea or any of my business ideas with people in my life they think it’s silly, impossible or stupid. As I’ve gotten older I’ve wondered if this was because they were jealous I’d had the idea before them or that they thought because they weren’t able to it happen then neither was I. Now I’m older and more certain in my own abilities I want to make this happen.
I’ve actually spent a good deal of time this week writing out a business plan, source supplies and even looking into premises for a store. But of course, it all comes back to capital. Making money involves spending money and I am only one person.

To make any of this happen I need people to take it seriously and to take me seriously, but this isn’t a luxury I have access to. I could employ people to help me but that would require money. And therein lies the circle I want to break out of.

I am actively pursuing this and I’ll keep you guys up to date as I make progress.