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Blog Feed Boredom

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I recently scrolled through my Bloglovin feed and wondered why I was only seeing posts from the same small group of blogs. Where were all my favourite bloggers? Had the Bloglovin algorithm changed? Was I only seeing selected posts? I opened up the menu that shows all the blogs that you follow and I was a little surprised. Over half the blogs I follow hadn’t posted in a long time, some of them in over a year. What I’m left with is a little underwhelming.

The blogs left in my feed are no longer the blogs I subscribed to. They have evolved.

Advice Blogs
A couple of years ago when it started to become acceptable, even aspirational to become a full-time blogger a lot of blogs turned their hand to giving out advice. For some of them, this was a successful move and have produced invaluable content. However, it became known that this style of content was popular and suddenly everyone was making a “blogging advice” series on their platform. I can understand when someone wants to share their creative process or how they manage to find the time, these are posts I make myself. But it is obvious when someone is just trying to get the views.

Blogs I Love: Thirteen Thoughts, Sophie Rosie, Helene Inbetween

Blogging Mums
Let’s not get it twisted. There are Mum Bloggers who’s niche is parenting, but I mean Bloggers who have recently become Mums and decided to abandon their regular content and only talk about mum life. As a mum and a Blogger, I can understand wanting to share your experience and it’s something I write about on occasion too. And it is up to the individual Blogger what they want to post, no matter how much I miss their old content.
However, there is something that really irritates me about these blogs. When I’m scrolling through my feed to see several blogs post a “Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy/Babies/Motherhood” piece within days of each other and they all share the same information. But the irritating bit is that this information is readily available on any mainstream site about parenting. I very much hope these posts are meant to be tongue in cheek or filler content, because I would hate to think there are so many women out there that did so little research during their pregnancies that they didn’t know this basic information.
I know that makes me sound super bitchy, but it annoys me when people think they’re mathematicians when they’ve just learned the two times table.

Blogs I love: Love, Maise, Forever Amber

New Wave Fashion & Beauty Blogs
I miss the old style fashion blogs. People would post outfits and not just tell you where the clothes came from, but tell you how the clothes perform. They’d post outfit ideas, wish lists and designer dupes. Now they’re mostly just pretty pictures of pretentious poses in front of doorways. Some have gotten creative and post their pictures along with thought pieces, which I enjoy; but what happened to unbridled fashion drooling.
And don’t get me started on flatlays. They’re a trend that has ruined most beauty blogs for me. Fair enough if it’s just the heading picture, but these over stylised, overexposed images are not really what I want to see when I’m looking for product reviews. I’d also like to see more reviews that are longer than a paragraph.

Blogs I love: Katy Belle, Love Style & Mindfulness, The Lovecats Inc, The Beauty Lookbook
While it’s great Bloggers are stepping up their game in terms of layout and picture quality, but in many cases it has come at the sacrifice of quality content. I know I’m not that great a Blogger myself, but I am a reader. I have been reading blogs for 15 years and at the moment I’m finding less and less worth reading.

If you can reccommend me any blogs to read, please share them in the comments.