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I Really Like Knitting

I really like knitting; but if I’m completely honest, I’m not very good at it. Well, I’m good at the actual knitting part, just not very successful at completing patterns.
When I was little my Mum knitted a lot. It was something she’d always done but got into it more when she quit smoking. I remember watching her in the evenings, knitting away while her shows were on. I would pick up my imaginary needles and pretend to knit alongside her. It wasn’t until I was 12 that I actually attempted knitting for real. I was so frustrated to begin with. I’d drop stitches all the time and not realise until I was too far along to fix it; there were so many holes it was ridiculous.
I got better the more I practised. I could increase and decrease stitches, knit in basic patterns and cast off without my Mum’s help. My issue was tension. Tension is how tight or loose your knit is, and getting your tension right is vital to making sure your pieces fit together. The number of times I tried to put together a cardigan just to discover my tension was all over the place and none of my pieces were the same size. The stress.
It was when I started knitting baby blankets that I got the hang of everything. I’m currently knitting a blanket with a zig-zag edge and multiple colours; super advanced for me. I took a bunch of false starts before I was able to form the points properly (they kept curling). I’m only a bit of the way into this project but I’m very impressed with what I have achieved and with how far I’ve come.
I have a stash of knitting patterns that I’ve collected and once I finish this blanket I’m going to attempt another cardigan. It’s been a while since my last cardigan related defeat and I feel ready to face the challenge again. Who knows; if it works out well there may be matching family sweaters in the future.