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I Still Love A Magazine

People used to make fun of my love of magazines. Each month I’d pick up Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Red and occasionally Harper’s Bazaar. I’d devour them cover to cover. Even though they all had mostly the same content, each title had its own style and approach. It was my Sunday ritual; run a luxe bubble bath and settle down with my girls until the water turned cold (or someone needed the loo). And in between the monthly releases, I’d buy Grazia and Look to offer up some high street options. I was spending a small fortune each year on magazines,
but at the time it was worth it to me.
In fact, I wouldn’t throw them away. I’m surprised my floor never gave way under the sheer weight of them. I was 18, fully employed for the first time and fashion began to consume my life. While I coveted the impossibly expensive garb of those glossy pages I made do with them just acting as inspiration. I would often flick through the pages of magazines that were months old looking for style ideas.

Then I discovered the Blogosphere. All these normal girls showing off how they style clothes from normal stores. Makeup reviews that weren’t paid placements. It was insane and exciting to me. This new world of constantly up to date and evolving style cast a shadow over magazines. These bound pages were only on point at the time of publication and were quickly becoming unable to keep up with anything beyond catwalk trends. Over time I started dropping the monthly titles and eventually the weeklies too. Why pay for something I was accessing for free on the internet, right?

I went years only buying the odd magazine here and there. Often I would only buy the special edition issues that covered the catwalk shows so I’d still have a base reference for the coming season. But at the same time style blogs began to lose their lustre. I wasn’t 18 anymore. While I don’t look old for my age, trying on these trendy styles I’d see on blogs aged me horribly. Who would have thought someone in their mid-20s could look like mutton dressed as lamb? These new styles didn’t suit my body type or my personal style. I felt like I’d lost my fashion mojo when really I was looking in the wrong place for inspiration.

Last year I treated myself to subscriptions to the two magazines I felt I missed the most; Elle and Grazia. Unfortunately, I ended up cancelling the Grazia subscription a third of the way through the year. Their content had become very politically driven and it killed what I loved about them. And while Elle had changed a bit its style still resonated with me. I began to feel a lot more confident in my fashion choices and I even found a host of new fashion bloggers to follow for style updates in between issues.

This year I have renewed my Elle subscription and taken out a Marie Claire one too. I look forward them coming through my letterbox each month. Even these days I still prefer the paper editions. I like being able to flick back and forth without waiting for it to load or have the program crash. But mostly I don’t like the thought of taking my tablet in the bath.