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2017 | The Year I Became An Adult

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2017 was the year I became an Adult. You see it all the time on Twitter, people wondering at what point they will become an adult; feel grown up. When it happens, you’ll know it. Even though I became a parent in 2016 I still didn’t feel grown up, like I had my shit together. It came as a result of everything that happened this year. Usually I remark on the change and growth I’ve experienced through the year, but this is the first time in my life I’m end the year as a completely different person to who I was in the beginning.
At the start of 2017 we were house sitting for my partner’s parents. It had been our first Christmas as a family and we had spent it by ourselves; and it was the best experience. I wanted every Christmas to be the same. It was at this point I decided to stop waiting for things to happen in my life and just go out and get them. That was the moment I became an Adult.

Of course life isn’t as straight forward as saying you’re going to do something then going out achieving it. There were struggles, set backs and I even upended the dynamics of a few relationships. But it was all worth it to be were we are now.

I started plotting avenues of income. I hated the idea of going back to work after Maternity leave and we desperately wanted a home of our own. The plan was to take Youtube more seriously and to do Makeup Artistry as a side line.
Going out and meeting people while I was building my portfolio gave me such a boost in confidence. This line of income unfortunately hasn’t amounted to much, but I’m still new and need to build up a reputation. My Youtube actually surprised me and my earning picked up a lot, but no where near enough to live on.
Then we discovered we were expecting our second child. Instead of this being a set back it actually spurred me to try harder. I was firm with the hours I was willing to work and pushed harder to get our own place.
The set backs started when we moved. Along with setting up housing benefit, child tax credits and all that, it was a real stress. We spent all our free time either trying to organise the house or organise our finances. Which barely left any time to rest, never mind work on my side projects.
But now we are settled and I have achieved half of the goal. We have our own place!

With having more space Luna’s development went in to high gear. We constantly had someone or other telling us that she should be doing this or that by now, but after the first month here it was clear that the lack of space had been holding her back.
Now she’s almost walking and starting to say her first words. She’s always growing and doing something new. It makes me grateful that this pregnancy happened so I can be home and witness all these special moments.

But being on maternity leave again so soon isn’t without its pitfalls. Our income is about to be reduced by almost £150 a month, and being on Maternity leave means I can’t actively seek income from other sources. Sure there are loop holes, like pushing back my Adsense or Affiliate thresholds so I don’t receive a payment until I go back to work. But until then it’s going to be a struggle. I still have debts and bills to pay and hope there’s enough left to buy food.

This year has turned me inside out and back again. But I’ve come out the other side with the skills and experience to face anything head on.