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Before You Hit The Sales

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This morning I woke up before 5am, and I couldn’t help thinking the only other people up this early are probably stand in a queue waiting for Next to open. My family always joked about these people, about how ridiculous it was that people actually got up that early just for a Sale. But as I’ve gotten older the whole culture of sales (boxing day in particular) has started to seem ridiculous to me. Yesterday our friends and family expressed their love for us through gifts and less than 24 hours later we’re going to go out and accumulate more things. It sounds silly when it’s broken down like this, but it’s what we’ve been conditioned to do.
Of course there are those who received cash gifts and will be itching to spend; but just hold on and hear me out. You don’t want to be kicking yourself later.

They might dress it up as an offer. What a deal! Look at that discount! But in reality it’s a glorified clearance sale. It’s old stock that nobody else thought worthy of their money to buy; except when the store slapped a 70% off sticker on it.
When it comes to fashion this might be great if you’re looking for a few cheap outfits for new years but otherwise it’s really not worth it.

The Faux Deal
If you do venture into the sales stop before you buy anything and think; were you going to buy it anyway? If the answer is yes, great. But if not, just put it back. If you’re buying something just because it’s a great deal and not because you actually intended to buy it, you’ve been sucked into the marketing of “The Faux Deal”. It’s not really a bargain if you hadn’t set out to buy it in the first place.

New Season
This might seem a bit superficial, but it’s something to think about. Why pick through the dregs of the winter stock when you could just wait a few weeks for the new lines to be rolled out? If you’re shopping for big ticket items like a laptop or a TV, sales are great. Get a discount on something you’ve been saving for, or needing to replace, before the more expensive new model comes out. Technology doesn’t date as fast as fashion does, and I can almost guarantee the clothes currently left on rails are the pieces with the shortest life span.
Save your money for the moment, or you might end up being annoyed with yourself later when you see that dress that’s so now and you’re stuck with one that’s so then.
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It can be so much fun finding an unexpected bargain and sales aren’t a complete waste of time, but participation isn’t mandatory. Unless you really want to, why go out into the sea shoppers to have you feet trampled on, worry that you’re pocket might get picked and then not be able to find anywhere to go for a cup of tea because everywhere is mobbed? Nah, I’m for that.