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Project Panning

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I first hear about Project Panning through Laura (then know as Lollipop26, now Buy Now Blog Later) back in 2009/10, soon lots of well know Youtubers were jumping on this challenge. It was a reaction to rampant purchasing that going on in the beauty community. Haul culture has always been prevalent in the beauty community and every so often there is a reaction. Currently we have declutter videos by the thousands, but originally we did project pans.
The basic idea of a Project Pan is to pick a set number of items and use them up. That’s it, simple. How you choose to approach it is what makes it a challenge. Usually people will choose 10 items, you can choose as many or few as you like. Some choose no to allow themselves to purchase new items until the project is done, some choose a “one out one in” policy. Usually people keep going until the have completely finished the items, but it’s becoming more come to have a finishing date (especially those who choose to go on a no buy at the same time). You can theme them by brand, product type or season. It is entirely up to you. The aim is the same; finish products you already own.
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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your stash and want to down size or you just want to stop shopping for bit, give Project Panning a go. If you’re trying to reach a savings goal Project Panning is a great way to distract you from shopping. It’s also a great learning curve. Once you discovery how long it actually takes to use up a bronzer you’ll think twice before buying another one. It also great to give you the motivation you need to finish those almost done products that have been sitting around for a while.
I’m a huge fan of Project Panning and I currently have eight different projects on the go. Yes, that is hardcore and a bit insane, but I really feel a need to shift excess product out of my life. I only want to own what I love and stop hanging on to things I feel meh about.

Will you give Project Panning a go?