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NaNoWriMo 2016 | Week 1

Originally I had thought about vlogging my Nano adventures this year. As it turns out there wouldn’t have been much to vlog. Yes, you’ve guessed it; things aren’t going all that well so far.
I was so prepared,too. I have character profiles, details of locations and a fairly in depth outline. I was so stoked to start writing this navel, I had to stop myself from start it a couple of weeks ago. And now that Nano is here I don’t have the time I thought I would.
Having a little one this year means I have different priorities. I can’t just sit and write all day. Or stay up all night if the muse captures me. I have to take care of her and as she develops that means different things from day to day. The routine she had in October left me with plenty of time to write, but now her routine is changing. As she becomes more alert she needs more interaction. And to be honest I feel so guilty on the few occasion I’ve chosen to carry on writing instead of play with her. In the spare time I do find I’m either too tired to think or the words just are flowing.
As it stands I haven’t broken my first thousand words yet. Which doesn’t bode well for the rest of the month. Initially I was planning on writing the novel in chronological order but this seems to be what is stumping me. I know what I want to happen and when, but getting from one place to the other is very difficult. So for the sake of the word count I’m just going to go ahead and write which ever scene I’m feeling at the time and fix it later. As long as I have the bare bones by the end of the month I can fix it over Winter when I will be sans internet and nothing else to do.

If you are taking part in Nano, how was your first week?
If you’re just here to watch me suffer, how was you week in general?