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NaNoWriMo 2016 Time Management

We’re approaching the starting line. You got your outline and your supplies. Suddenly it hits you. How are you going to find the time?
If you write regularly then this won’t be as much of a problem. For anyone jumping into this finding time could be a deal breaker.

If You Are Already A Writer

As I said people who already write often will find this easier than those who don’t. Personally I try to spend an hour a day writing. In that time I can usually write 300-600 words depending on how easily the words flowed. Obviously for Nano the goal is 1667 words a day, so in order to meet that target I would have to either increase my writing speed or have multiple writing sessions a day. This is fast drafting so any changes would be short lived. Sacrificing other activities, like binge watching Gilmore Girls, would probably be the best option for me to create more writing time. You have to decide what is best for you.

If You’re Not A Writer

This is all new and you’ve picked a crazy time to join the club. NaNoWriMo is an exercise in fast drafting. The idea is to get as many words down as quickly as possible; even if it’s junk. If you’re no used to writing on a regular basis my best advice to get started is to fit it in when you can. When you’re commuting on the train, on your lunch break or instead of losing hours sharing memes on Facebook; try to write. Even try getting up an hour earlier in the morning if you can, I find mornings or whenever everyone else is asleep is the best time for writing. You’ll get to know what works for you and soon you’ll have your own writing schedule.

What If You Can’t Write Everyday

Don’t worry about it. No one is going accuse you of not nanoing properly. We all have lives and commitments. Sometimes we have days when we just can’t be bothered. If you know you won’t be able write everyday try to get ahead where ever possible.
But if something comes up and you miss a day don’t double your word goal the next day. Chances are you wouldn’t be able to meet that goal and you’d spend the rest of the month constantly trying to catch up. Instead take the word goal of the day/s missed and divide it over the days remaining. This way you’d only need to write a few hundred extra words each instead of over a thousand extra words in one day.

By the end of the month the habit of writing will be so ingrained you’ll be wondering what to do with yourself in December. Maybe start on your next project? That’s what I’ll be doing.