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Make Up Inventory & Project 100 Pan Introduction

Most of you will be coming from the link posted under the video so for those who have just stumbled across this post I’m going to give you a brief introduction to what’s going on.

Project Panning is there for those of us who either want to finish products before they go bad or are generally overwhelmed by their makeup collection. This is where we challenge ourselves to use up a set group of products. Most people will pick anything between 10 and 20 products, sometimes as much as 50. I have chosen to use up 100 products in a project pan spanning the entire year.

My Inventory is not the most complete thing ever but it does give me a ball park figure of how much make up I actually own. I am in no way ashamed of the amount of make up I own nor do I feel overwhelmed by it, but even I am willing to admit that it has increased over the last few years and definitely needs pruning.

Category                      2013     2014    2016
Primer                           13          9          14
Foundation                    26         30        33
Concealer                      16          16        17
Pressed Powder             10          22          7
Loose Powder                7            N/A        8
Cream Blush                 N/A       16         17
Powder Blush                75           64        77
Powder Bronzer             32          28        26
Cream Bronzer             N/A       N/A        2
Liquid Highlight            N/A       N/A        10
Powder Highlight          31           26        17
Mascara                        N/A       N/A       10
Eyeliner Pencil              30          42         36
Cream Liner                  7             11        11
Shadow Pencils            23           27        35
Cream Shadows           25           26        34
Loose Shadows            N/A        117       124
Pressed Shadows         133         164      196
Brow Products              N/A       N/A       10
Lip Liner                        27           N/A     22
Lip Lacquer & Stains    18           33        47
Lip Gloss                       59           70        78
Lipstick                          202       187       289
Lip Crayon                     14           22        40

Total                                751         910       1160

I tried so hard to get that to line up and while it didn’t quite work it serves to show how my collection has grown over the last few years.

As I said this is a year long project and I will be filtering in other seasonal project pans just to keep things interesting. I will be keeping you guys updated as often as possible.

Laura | xoxo