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    Monthly Goals | June 2022
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    Just a little check in ~ Ready to begin
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    Moving the Needle ~ Picking Which Project to Focus On

2016 Quarterly Goals | Q1 Goals

I used to be one of those people who would set life changing goals for myself every New Year just to ultimately fail at them. But in recent years I discovered how pointless and discouraging this is and set about using quarterly goals instead. These are bite size goals to be achieved in a short period of time. They’re easier to keep on top of and because of the time frame your motivation will remain fresh.

I like to be held accountable for to goals I set which is why I post them here. My last set of goals didn’t quite go as planned and I’m willing to admit that. I have a bad habit of thinking I can achieve more than I can at the time. Any kind of change needs to be worked up to and that is what I plan to achieve with these goals.


Post Regularly. Last time I made the mountainous goal of posting daily. I work full time, so while this is an achievable target it’s damned difficult. So I’m setting a more manageable target of just posting regularly, preferably three days a week.
Broaden My Horizons. All of my previous blogs were centered around beauty and it’s so hard for me to break out of this mindset of being a Beauty Blogger. I have a wide range of interests that I want to talk about. Heck I even thought about writing a political piece on the importance of voting during the recent election but I stopped myself because I didn’t think it would fit the context of my blog. I will post what I like, and if you want to read it that’s awesome.


Post Regularly. Do you see a trend forming here? After a three month hiatus I started upload videos here and there, but this year I want a bit more structure. Again I want to start off posting only three times a week and see where we go from there.
Get Back In To Booktube. My Booktube Channel has been sorely neglected, but I hadn’t been reading much either which didn’t help. I’ve set myself the goal of reading 100 books this year and I think that posting two book videos should help me stick to my reading goals and give me content for videos.
Comment Comment Comment. Still I struggle with this. Whether it’s watching someone else video that I enjoyed but not joining in the conversation or not getting back to comments on my own videos in a reasonable amount of time. It is frustrating and probably makes you guys think I’m ignoring you. I promise I’m not I just have this aversion to communicating via text. Be it text messaging, email or commenting. I think it stems from teenage shenanigans that back fired. But you guys aren’t going to ask me what I think of Ashleigh from math and then go show her what awful thing I’ve said, so I don’t get why it’s still a problem.

Social Media

Update My Profiles. I still haven’t gotten round to this one yet. I need to upload new pictures and update my bios too.
Instagram. This is my mission this year to post a picture daily. I don’t use this app enough. It’s so handy to talk about things that are to small to need their own post or video.


Get The Words On The Page. I need to start writing daily again or I’m going to get no where. Novels don’t write themselves. I want to set a daily word goal of 1000 words. Even if they turn out rubbish I need to get words on the page.
Keep A Dream Diary. A lot of the time my dreams are nuts. I have a tendency to dream about the apocalypse and gritty future societies. I want to start writing these down so I have a bank of ideas for future writing.

I definitely wanted to keep this first round of goals short and give myself an easy start to the year. I will check back at the end of March to let you know how I got on.

What goals have you set yourself?

laura |xoxo