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5 Things to do When You’re Feeling Blue

 photo 5 things to do when youre feeling blue_zpsr5g9gw8d.jpg

We all have days when we aren’t feel like ourselves. Life overwhelms us and it feels like everything we do is going wrong. You just want to shrink away from the world and retreat into your shell.
When I’m having moments like this I have a few coping mechanisms to get me through.

Comfort Food

My first port of call is comfort food, specifically sandwiches. Now this depends of the shade of my mood. If it’s just been a bad day then a Ham, Cheese and Pickle will go a long way to smoothing my feathers. If I’m upset I head for my childhood favourite of Peanut Butter and Banana and sing Ban-na-na while I make it. But if we’re taking a full on stormy mood then sanwiches won’t cut it. I need to bust out a tub of Ben & Jerry’s (Cookie Dough is my fav!).
Having said this I’m not advocating binge eating. If your bad day is leading to this kind of behavior it is important that you find someone to talk to.

Carrie Bradshaw

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a hot shower or a decadent bubble bath, putting on your favourite pyjamas and snuggling into bed to watch Sex and the City. The pamper session will help you unwind and losing yourself for a few hours in the world of Carrie & Co will help push the day out of your mind.
Whatever your entertainment of choice, make sure you end the day with something positive lest the bad mood fester in you sleep.

Sing Your Heart Out

If you’re brave enough to go to a karaoke bar then great! If not, just close yourself up in your room and dig out the cheesy stuff. I’m talk Celine Dion, Bonnie Tyler and Cher. And just go to town! Dancing around my room, belting out my favourite power ballads is what got me through my exams at school.
This is even better if you can get the girls round and crack open a bottle of wine. Call it group therapy.

Walk It Off

Go for a walk, a jog or a bike ride. I know putting on your work out gear is the last think on your mind when you’re down in the dumps, but taking a little exercise can be very beneficial.
Just the act of exercising will help you feel better. I often find restlessness frustrating. The stagnant weight excess energy with no where to go. Jogging is my favourite way to shake this off. The isolation also gives you time to think and reflect on what is troubling you. After a jog I’m refreshed and clear headed. I find it easier to channel my energy into something productive when I take regular exercise.

Put On Some Lipstick

Sometimes the simplest things have the biggest impact. For those situations when you only have a few moments alone to collect yourself I like to apply a vibrant lipstick, usually a red or a fuchsia. Colour Psychology is a concept that colour can have and influence on our mood and emotions, with warmer colours having the most positive effects. Opting for a bolder lip colour boosts my mood and I often find it has an effect on those around me too. Plus carrying a colourful lipstick can come in handy if your fancy going for drinks straight after work. Nothing does the day to night transition like a red lipstick.

If all else fails try a hot Ribena, it cures everything.

What do you do when you’re feeling blue?

Laura | xoxo