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    Monthly Goals | June 2022
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    Just a little check in ~ Ready to begin
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    Moving the Needle ~ Picking Which Project to Focus On

Quarterly Goals | Q3 Update

I’m generally a very organised person. Yes, my room is a bit messy but in the areas that matter I’m like to be on the ball. I have always had the ambition to work for myself and this year I decided to start the transition. I’ve stepped up my time management and started using weekly planners. Most recently I’ve pushed my a little more finding the motivation to utilize every hour at my disposal.
I’ve always set myself goals for each Quarter, but they’ve always been fairly broad aims and if I didn’t meet them I didn’t have anyone to answer to. So this Quarter, not only am I going to be more specific, I going to post them here. This way I’ll have some accountability and I could share some of my processes with you too.


I have been slacking on the blogging front lately, especially since having to start this site from scratch again. So I’m going to focus most of my attention here.
I want to get into the habit of posting articles daily. I have the info in my head and most of the posts planned already. I just have to type them out and you’ll have a new gem every morning.
I also want to do more reviews. This is where I get specific. I’d like to write 2 product reviews, 2 book reviews, 1 music review and 1 movie review each week. This might be a bit over kill but I just want to try it out and see.
I want to work on promoting the blog. Where it’s encouraging more people to follow on Bloglovin’ or outright advertising on other blogs. If no one knows the blog exists how can I expect anyone to read it, right?
I also like to host a giveaway at some point. Once I’ve settle into this new amped up schedule I’ll throw a giveaway in there. They’re always fun and it helps connect with you a little more.


I think I’ve done well lately with post regular content on my Beauty channel, but the Booktube channel needs a little TLC.
I’d liked to keep posting content regularly. This is more of a maintenance goal, as I said I’m utilizing every spare moment to work towards what I want. And with that comes filming videos before work and editing before bed. It’s actually easier than my stubborn self thought so I want step it up a bit. I’d like to post a beauty video daily since I’m overflowing with content ideas. And on my Booktube channel I’d like to start posting 2-3 times a week and I reassess at the end of the quarter.
I want to get more involved in the community. Whether it’s doing more TAG videos or just generally commenting on more of the videos I watch and start a conversation. I’d really like to organize a few collab videos, they look like so much fun to set up.
Hosting a giveaway is up there too. I just want to show my appreciation for everyone that has helped my channel grow and a giveaway is a great way to give something back.

Social Media

This is another area that needs a little spruce.
I need to update my social media presence. I haven’t updated my profile pictures in a very long time and in most cases my bios are pretty thin too. These need to be revamped and I also need to set up a Facebook page for That Galloway Girl. I’m trying to present my online content as a single entity, a brand if you will. A Facebook page is the final step in that process.
I also what to be more active on social media. I’ve heard of the magical services that can help you schedule tweets and Facebook posts and I’m gonna learn how to use them. I’m also going to maintain my current presence on Instagram, which is posting almost once a day. Lastly I’d like to participate in the #bbloggers twitter chat. I used to and then I fell out of the habit. It’s something I think would help me be more active in the community and get to know more of my fellow bloggers.


Lately I haven’t done much in the way of writing. I know, there’s no one more annoying than that person who’s been saying they’re going to write a book and they haven’t yet. It’s worse when you are that person.
I need to get the creative juices flowing. Since it’s been a while I want to get back into the habit of free writing for 30 minutes a day. It’s a great way to declutter your brain of the half baked ides.
I need to bring my characters to life. Of course I don’t mean literally, I need to put together character profiles. Everything I need to know and everything that doesn’t need to see the light of day.
I need to outline the heck out of my novel. Before you start you need to know how it ends, at least that’s how I work. I want to have every little plot point in place before I even begin my first draft. And yes, this could take the whole quarter


This is more of a personal goal sparked by the fact I didn’t read anything in the month of June and I have a goal to read 100 books by the end of the year.
Don’t buy anymore books. This is easier said than done, but apart from Queen of Shadows there are no other books currently on my radar. I have enough on my to-be-read mountain to deal with.
I want to read 2-5 books a week. I know this seems a lot, but I know my own reading pace and I’m more than capable of reaching this goal. I also want to stop neglecting my Kindle. I have lots of eBooks doing the digital equivalent of gathering dust.

These are my goals for this Quarter, at the end of September we’ll find out how I did. If I can accomplish 50% of these goals I will be happy. This is a lot more than I’ve taken on before and it’s a lot more detailed than I’m used to.

How to you like to challenge yourself?
What goals are you aiming for?

Laura xoxo