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  • 20 Holiday Romance Reads in Kinde Unlimited

    20 Holiday Romance Reads in Kinde Unlimited

20 Holiday Romance Reads in Kinde Unlimited

It’s the time of year when there’s nothing better than curling up with a yummy hot chocolate and good holiday romance novel. With money being a bit tighter this year I’ve been taking full advantage of my Kindle Unlimited Subscription* and I wanted to share with you all the titles that caught my eye.

That is quite a list! I’ll be working my way through them all this month. I’m having an amazing time using Kindle Unlimited* and getting the chance to explore all different sub-genres of Romance. From Small Town Romances worthy of Hallmark to Reverse Harem and Alien Breeder Romance (yes, that last one is real).

It looks like an astounding number of books to read, but a lot of them are just Shorts and are less than 150 pages (some under 100) so you could easily read through a few in one day if the mood should take you. I’m looking forward to getting started on them and I’ll be sure to pop back after I’ve read 5 or so and share my thoughts on them.

Are you a lover of Christmas Romance?

What’s on your Christmas TBR?