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Getting To Know My Makeup Again

I have spent the past few years wearing the same makeup. Well, that’s generalising it a bit, but it’s true. I’ve been bouncing between the same 6 foundations. I know that might not sound so bad, but I own over 60 different foundations; so to only be getting use out of 6 of them is a bit of a problem.

I used to be able to list every item of my makeup collection and tell you how the product performed and what it compared to. Since having kids I decided I was going to use up my makeup and I even did an epic declutter where I got rid of literally half of my makeup collection (yes, I deeply regret doing this, but what’s done is done). I went hardcore into Project Panning and with my financial situation, I certainly wasn’t bringing new products in at the same rate I had been. I spent the past few years using the same 100 or so products and I only managed to finish a few handfuls each year.

As a result, I’ve become disconnected from my collection. I no longer love what would have been a go-to before. I’m older, my skin has changed and so have my preferences. My collection and I need to get reacquainted. So for the rest of the year, I’m setting aside Project Panning and I’m going to start rotating through my collection.

Each week I’ll be picking different products from my collection to test run. The main aim is to weed out products that have gone bad and products that I outright hate. It’s also to get a general feel for all of the makeup I own, so I can decide what to revisit later and what I would like to put in a Project Pan next year. And finally; I want to have fun.

Project Panning has its place and benefits. But, when you go as hard with it as I did, it can be very restrictive. Felling like you absolutely have to use the same items every day. That you must finish things before you even consider pulling anything else from your collection. It eventually sucks the fun out of it.

I’m looking forward to the freedom, the creativity. Yes, there is the added obstacle of wearing face coverings, but I welcome the challenge. Channelling all my self-expression on to the upper half of my face. Blown out blush and bushy brows are in order 😍

What do you do when your makeup feels stale?

Just change it up or scout for something new?