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I Just Found Out About Sweet Magnolias

On those nights, when the kids are asleep and my Mr Man is out, I effectively have the house to myself. The rare joy of it. So many things I could do, but I choose to bundle up on the sofa and turn on Netflix. Really, it’s the only time I get to indulge in binge watching anything, because of this I tend to be very picky about which content I invest my time in lest it be a waste.

I got a bit excited when I saw Sweet Magnolias. Initially, I thought it might be a serialised version of Steel Magnolias*, but no, even though it does fall into the sleepy southern town scandals that do so enjoy.

We follow Maddie, a stay-at-home mum of three, going through a messy divorce from her Doctor husband. He had an affair with a nurse and she is carrying his baby. But in this small news travels fast and everyone is in everyone’s business. Especial Maddie’s two best friends who want her to join them in opening a Spa.

I’m only two episodes deep, but I can’t wait to watch the rest of the series when the opportunity arises. Just the realities of Mum Life, Momma doesn’t get to watch the shows she wants.But I can revel in the fact the Sweet Magnolias is adapted from a book series by Sherryl Woods. AN ELEVEN BOOK SERIES!

I can get away with reading whilst the kids are up and about, I catch a chapter here and there throughout the day. So find series like this I can chip away at just makes me so happy. I leave my kindle on the kitchen counter so I can read for a bit and keep an eye on the kids. I’m really enjoying Woods’ writing style and the pacing.

I love the combo of a book and its adaptation. In between episodes or seasons I can still immerse myself in the story and the world. As much as I love a good TV show you just can’t beat the accessibility of a book, as long as you have it with you, you can pick it up and dive in whenever you want without disturbing anyone. I’m looking forward to watching the next few episodes but for now, I’m happy to sink my teeth into the novels

Have you read this Series or watched Sweet Magnolias on Netflix?


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