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Living La Vida Lockdown

I have been hesitant to come on here and talk about the lockdown or Covid-19, mostly because I’m bloody sick of hearing other people talk about. Of course, I’m fully aware of the gravity of the situation and how it’s impacting everyone’s life, but can we have a little distraction? Please?

It’s now the end of week 3 for us in the UK (longer for those who chose to self isolate earlier), the end is weeks away. I’ve been too busy to really worry about not being able to go outside. I’ve finally had the time to catch up on all those half-finished jobs around the house. The washing is finally up to date, I’ve had a clear-out and I’ve taken up knitting again.

Most of you know I’m a hermit and I like pottering about the house. It’s the kids that are finding this a bit hard. Luna is used to being outside for a few hours every day, she misses school a lot. Like a lot, a lot. She wakes up every morning sad that she can’t go. Rowan doesn’t see much difference but he just gets extra excited when we do go out. He’s sad that we can’t go to the playgrounds. They’re both still a bit too young to understand why.

Keeping them both entertained whilst maintaining our sanity is a challenge, and I’m not ashamed to admit we sometimes just put out a plate of biscuits and stick on a film just so they’ll be quiet for a bit. I have a folder going on Pinterest with worksheets and pictures to colour in that I print off. And of course, they have paint time every few days. For the most part, they are learning to play together, developing their imagination or acting out scenes from their favourite films.

I’m almost imagining this is a practice run for retirement. Whatever gets you through right?

What are you ding to fill the time?