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When Lightning Strikes Twice

I had another amazing week. I’m working my way back to all my passion.

I’ve started instagramming again this week. I love that I can share my thoughts quikly over there. I’ve also been finding so many things to take pictures of especially on my way to work. So much beauty to share.

I filmed quite a lot this week and I have more yet to film. I’m seriously back on my content creatinn journey. Mostly I’ve just been getting ahead on project pan Introductions but also catching up on haul videos.

Wjile we’re on the topic I actually haven’t been shopping all that much. I’ve accumulated a fair bit since sstarting Avon, but that’s over the course of a few months. It’s just taking a while to share it all.

I have an appointment at the bank this week. It’s a financial health check to see if there’s anything my back can do to help me with my debt. Ideally, I would love to get an extension on my loan, then pay £500 a month to the loan instead of £750 a month to various money pits. I need to do an update on my finacial situation, so I do that when I let you know how the meeting went.

I’m hoping to get back into regular blogging really soon. As always I have lists of post ideas but not the time to follow through on them. I’m also think of doing sonme post on Project Panning as it is becoming a popular hobby. I’m also getting back into personal style, I may try and work in some outfit psts. Especially as one of the topics I want to talk about the issue of fast fashion.

I know these posts never have any real flow. They’re just a spoace for me to spew ideas, but the help me keep track and stay on top of things and give me a plae to share the goings on in life.

I hope you all have a wonderful week