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It’s Been A Minute


This year has been spotted with periods of radio silence for various reasons, but there was always the running theme of time management or lack of. As much as I want to make Blogging a priority it’s just not been possible with everything I’ve had going on in real life. In order to get everything done that needs to be done and be able to factor in a shower or decent night sleep (never both), something had to go.
Any parent will tell you that having children will cause a lot of upheaval in your life. Having two just 19 months apart is particularly challenging. Just when we’d settled into a happy routine we had to go straight back through the process of changing our routine every 4-6 weeks.
Now we are coming to the end of the most stressful period. My Girl is still tracking along with her established routine and the wee man is so much better than he was. No eczema, no food sensitivities and he is almost completely on solids. The boy is a bottomless pit sometimes. And to cap it all he sleeps for a solid 8 hours at night. The Bliss.

I’m also back at work which ironically has given me more free time to write. Well, I need to find something to do with myself on my breaks.
I’m so glad to be back on here and to begin filming again. I have more I want to do, but I’ll hold off on taking on any more for a little while.