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Self Care And Sweets for Mums

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As a Mum, time to myself is like gold dust, mostly it’s non-existent. But every other week I make time for a bit of self-care and leave my partner in charge of the kids while I take a soak in the tub and try to relax.

Bubble Bath
While many people may argue that there’s more to self-care than Bubble baths, some of us have to take what we can get. For me, being in the bath is the only period of time I’m guaranteed not to have a child on me.
So I take the opportunity to immerse myself in some luxurious bubbles. Champney’s * is my go-to brand for that touch of indulgence. If I’m feeling a bit extra I might add some oil * or salts *.

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A Good Book
At my core, I am a bookworm and I relish any opportunity to fully commit my attention to a book, and being in the bath provides the perfect amount of isolation. I’m currently reading The Greek Escape *, Karen Swan’s latest release. Her books are fast paced, with great plot twists and full of relatable, strong female characters. I recommend them to anyone who has to be choosy with their reading time

 photo vinoos beyond living reaal winr gums_zpsjbsyjhtl.jpg

A Glass Of Wine
Well, in this case, Wine Gums. As a breastfeeding mum, having actual wine just isn’t practical. But Vinoos^ have come to the rescue with their range of sweet designed to taste like real wine with 0% alcohol content.
Beyond Living kindly send me a selection to try out and they are a delight. While I’m no wine expert, my favourites were the Rose and Reisling. Both with delicate, enveloping flavours that were a nice accompaniment to my romance novel.
These artisan treats are definitely a little costly at £7.50 for a full size pack but would be perfect for gifts or party favours. Beyond Living has generously offered a discount for you all – GALLOWAY15 – for 15% off across the website. They offer a great selection of mid-range and luxury home goods that are a bit out of the ordinary.

It’s important as a parent to take some time out and decompress. Whether it’s through meditation, going for a walk or taking a soak in the tub. Having that period of isolation is vital for our wellbeing and keeping us centred. For me, I may only get an hour to myself ever so often, but that just makes it all the more important. Even do have to leave the door open to p[revent complete toddler meltdown.