The Week That Went To Potty

 photo Sunday Coffee Morning_zps6rmmo6jr.jpg

My desk looks like a bomb went off.

There are scraps of paper and pens everywhere and a stack of notebooks that keep having pages falling out and vanishing. This was going to be the week that I finally caught up on my blog posts and fill in the infoboxes of my videos.
In reality, I’ve been grabbing a toddler mid-stream and plonking her on a potty. You guessed it, we started potty training this week. Or at least we attempted to with very little success and now our living room carpet smell of little kiddie pee pee.

After 3 days of Luna handing me the potty and letting out a defiant “No!”, we’ve decided to take a softer approach.
Many people had recommended we just go cold turkey and either let her go around bare-bummed or put her in big girl panties and to just sit her on the potty whenever she starts peeing.
When she was bare-bummed, she held it in until she couldn’t anymore and when we put her in panties she went as often as I think she would have in her nappy. And, of course, I spent all my time watching her to be ready to get her on the potty.

The fact that she isn’t concerned about wetting herself makes us think that she isn’t quite ready yet. So the next few weeks we’re going to encourage her to just sit on the potty whenever she wants so she can get more comfortable with it. We also want to start making a big deal when we go to pee so she learns to tell us when she has peed. And lastly, we’re going to give her as much nappy free time as possible so it won’t be such a culture shock when we start actively potty training her again.

Any helpful advice would be welcome.