I Don’t Know Where My Blog Is …

When I first started blogging it didn’t really matter what you blogged about. You where just throwing your personality out into the web space and waiting to see if there…

September 2017 Goals

Financial Crisis 10 Years On

Dream Journals

Project Panning

I first hear about Project Panning through Laura (then know as Lollipop26, now Buy Now Blog Later) back in 2009/10, soon lots of well know Youtubers were jumping on this…


May 2017 Goals

CampNaNoWriMo Wrap Up

Product Hoarding

Camp Nano Catch Up

Today we are officially at the half way point. Looking back at my original post I realise that I didn’t get around to sharing what I intended to achieve. Which…

I’m Off To Camp

Why I Don’t Care Anymore

Goals For 2017