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Are you getting bored of matte lips? The maintenance of long wear lipsticks becoming a hassle? Same here. I love the idea of them, but the reality is a lot chalkier than the polished images bounding about Instagram. With such an over load of matte liquid lip products it’s no wonder people are moving on. And with the launch of the Vice Lipsticks form Urban Decay in more shades than you can shake a stick at, we are rediscovering a a wealth of finishes that were left to gather dust.
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The first act of rebellion is always to go to the opposite end of the spectrum. Glossy finishes and gloss in general have been making a comeback. New formulas allow these products to be more pigmented than before with a great reduction in that hair sticking quality that always put us off.


If you want to simulate the look of gloss over lipstick but you don’t want to deal with the tackiness, try a Pearl finish. They offer both creamy colour and a subtle metallic sheen giving lips a plump, glossy look without skimping on moisture.
 photo metallic frost lipstick_zpsbmgdag4b.jpg


I know the first image that will pop into your head will be an 80s Oyster Pink with an intense Silver shine. Yeah, I had one of those to play with as a child. They’ve come a long way since then. With the more refined grade of glitter used in cosmetics these days you won’t have to deal with the gritty texture of old. And the tend to come in much creamier formulas now too.


I look back at the 90s and cringe a bit. My first experience with Metallic finishes were glitter overloads suspended in sheer lip colours. I had one in a Champagne Pink… I thought I looked awesome. I reality it made you look more like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. Again time has been good to this finish. Now they have pigment and come in varying intensities; depending on the brand they range from sheer, subtle Metallic to liquid metal.

This season we are going to see a bounty of new lip products breaking into the market and into our makeup bags. This season we are being given back creative control of our makeup. Play with it, enjoy it! If it doesn’t suit you just try something else; it’s only makeup, we can wash it off.


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When I heard about Mode Media shutting down so abruptly I felt so bad for the bloggers who had been left in the lurch. But it also reminded me of my own experience with networks; and I don’t have a high opinion of them.

Networks really started becoming a thing about 5 years ago, back when people were first starting to see Youtube and Blogging as an income stream. Yes we all had Adsense but these networks gave us credibility. Brands took them seriously and by proxy took us seriously.
To be part of a network was seen as having made it. These networks were selective and you had criteria to meet. My application was rejected by then Glam Media because traffic on my site was too low (maybe I dodged a bullet). My Youtube channel was part of the Style Haul family for a couple of years. I was draw in by the illusion that they’d push my channel, set me up to collab with other Youtubers and brands. But unless you had over a certain number of subscribers they weren’t inclined to do anything to help you. In the two years I was with them all I got was single shout out on Twitter (which I had to fill in a request form to get) in return for 30% of my monthly earnings. I’d go as far to say a significant number of creators don’t benefit from being part of a network.

So what is the alternative? Ditch the networks and go it alone. Most of us have basic income streams such as Adsense or selling our own on site ad space. Affiliate links are also a user friendly, unobtrusive tool. But Direct Networking is the answer. Yes this will take a lot of hard graft and will be scary as hell, but it puts you in control. Put together a kick ass media kit and reach out to brands on your own. It will be a lengthy process and you may not get any response; but once you get your foot in the door you can build up a stable relationship and work up to sponsorship opportunities.


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When you think of High End, luxury make up Dior is inevitably going to pop into your head. Mostly known for their Lipsticks, Foundation and stellar Highlights there is a range that I feel is over looked; their Blush. Dior’s Vibrant Colour Powder Blush has has a face lift in the last few years. Gone are the duo colours. They were challenging to get the same shade on both cheeks and you often ran out of one half before the other. The new Blush is a one colour design with a much smoother formula and a stunning colour range. And as Dior is geared towards a classic, elegant, timeless look you know all the shades are going to look natural on the skin.
 photo dior blush 2_zpsru10jcsp.jpg

The Shades

Brown Milly

If you like the idea of contouring but you’re either scared to try it or can’t make it work for you; you should try a sculpting blush like Brown Milly. Don’t let the “Brown” in the title scare you off, this is a Rose Brown. This gives the shade enough colour to warm the face whilst still adding depth And the near neutral tone stops it looking muddy as traditional contouring products are wont to do. If you want to use this solely for contouring pair it with a lighter rose shade on the apples of the cheek for defined but natural contrast.

Beige Nude

This little beauty is a staple for any makeup collection. Whether you are championing the “No Makeup” makeup look or rocking a Smoky eye; this blush will tie your look together. Beige can seem so boring but it’s a great go to when anything else would be too much. In the case of a Smoky eye; your eye makeup might drain all the colour out of your face but using a blush with too much colour will  make all your hard work look over the top and dated. Step in Beige Nude a sheer wash of colour that will warm up the face without dominating your look.

New Red

To be honest this is the on that started it all for me. I saw pictures of this bright red blush and wonder how it could possibly work. I thought it would make you look like you’d been slapped in the face. SO I went to the counter to see it in person and I couldn’t have been more wrong about it. Sure this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is still relatively bright. But Dior’s sheer formula makes this work. I find it’s best in the Winter for that flushed look or if I’m not wearing much makeup and I just want a little boost of colour. The colour is buildable and easy to blend; and the tone creates a youthful look. I can understand if you are intimidated by this colour, just pop down to your local Dior counter and ask to try it on.
 photo dior blush 3_zpsdbql4ii6.jpg
The price may be a deal break for some at £31 a pop. But the sheer, buildable formula and beautifully natural colour range is what makes these blushes a worthwhile investment. If you’re the type to only want a few blushes in your stash why not go for quality. Or you could save up your Boots points and get one for free.
I am in love with them and I wouldn’t say no to a few more shades… look out an updated colection post in the future.


This post contains affiliate links.

Every once in a while we all go through a skincare rut. You haven’t done anything different but your skin is dull and sometimes a bit blemished. It may be you’ve become complacent in your routine or you may need to change a few products. But before you complete overhaul your bathroom cabinet make sure you’re still covering the basics.

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This is the most obvious tip but it’s all the one most of us have problems with. Your skin is the body’s largest organ and like the other organs it needs to be hydrated to function properly. Try to drink at least a litre everyday, 2 litres if you manage. If you find it dull drinking plain water shjake it up with some squash or make a fruit infusion.

Wash Off The Day

Always remove your makeup at night. This is another no brainer, but a few nights where you can’t be bothered could result in waking up with a horde of new blemishes. Whilst makeup is on your face is mixes with dirt from the day and sebum from your skin. Allowing this to sit on your skin over night is not ideal and can clog your pores.
Do a double cleanse in the evening; removing the makeup then cleaning your skin. Even if you’re too tired for this just taking a cleansing wipe over your face is better than nothing, and you can do that in you bed.


Exfoliating is an important step to keeping your skin looking bright and smooth. No matter what your skib type is there’s a exfoliare to suit your needs. Dry skin may benefit more from physical exfoliation with a muslin cloth. Oilier skins may do better with an abrassive exfoliant such as a sugar scrub. And now there is a growing range of chemical exfoliants with glycolic acid being feature in many popular products.
Try not to exfoliate any more than 3 times a week. Over exfoliation can damage the skin, sometime tearing the and breaking capillaries. Chemical exfoilants come with the risk of irritation and in rare cases can cause burns. The main issue with chemical exfoliants is that they can dry out the skin. Be aware of these issues whhen selecting an exfoliator.

Unclog Pores

As they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; and the best way to prevent break outs is to keep your pores clear. Doing this after exfoliating will be easier and more effective now all the dead skin is out of the way. Using a clarifying mask is best as they contain clay which draws the oil out of the pores. Dry skins can use clay masks too, with the recent masking trend there are a bounty of new masks including clay mask that are gentle on dry skin. If Blacks heads are an issue try pore strips which will literally rip them from your pores; this can be painful so be careful.
Keeping your pores clear will also help tightn them giving the skin a more youthful appearance, but if large pores are a problem try a pore refining serum.


Yes. If you take anything away from here let it be this. Whether you have lizard skin or you’re as oily as a fryer, you need to moisturise. Firstly hydrated skin is a better base for makeup but is has many other benefits. Not only will it hydrate dry skin and stop the appearance of flakiness it also stops combo/oily skins over producing producing oil. The latter will need a transition period much like when you start using dry shampoo, your skin will regulate itself and soon you should be less oily.
Moituriser is also an essential barrier against the elements. This is especially important in the Winter when the cold winds and moving in and out of heated areas can severely dry out your skin.

Now you have no excuse. These steps are the building blocks of a good skincare routine. The only thing I can add is wear sun screen. The products you use will depend on your skin needs and purse strings but try not to skimp on your skincare. All you have is the skin you’re in so take care of it.


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I was standing in the ridiculously long queue in Primark browsing the bizarre tat while I waited. Rows of socks, fruit snacks, a rack of bargain dvds, candles; you get the jist. The line moved up an I approached the bowl that usually hold lip balm or baubles and found something different, lip crayons. The PS Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons to be exact.
I’d seen Primark makeup before and didn’t think much of it and I’d heard it had a reboot, that it was far better than before. I hadn’t been able to seen for myself before as the shelves were usually picked clean and what was left were never serviceable products. Here they were in front of me, pristine and plastic wrapped. They were only £2 a pop so I picked one of each shade in the bowl, all of which were nudes. I love a good lip crayon especially matte ones. Let’s see how these fare.

 photo ps matte velvet lipstick 2_zpspkekrh7n.jpg

L-R Ballerina, Nude Beach, Uncovered & Mushroom

The Basics

As I mention these are only £2 a piece but I don’t go by price when I set my expectations. Brands like ELF, MUA and Makeup Revolution have shown you can pack a punch in to a small price tag. These lip crayons are packaged in a traditional pencil format that requires sharpening. Being on the chunky side you will need to own a duo sharpener. This to me isn’t an issue, in fact I prefer this style to mechanical pencils. You get more product, they’re easy to sanitize and don’t tend to break on you.
And while these aren’t a dupe for the Nars Matte Velvet Pencil they are quite good. You do feel they on the lips because of their creamy texture, but this allows the product to be matte and still provide some moisture. They actually remind me of the ELF Matte Lip Colors which are favourites of mine.

 photo ps matte velvet lipstick 3_zpspv97nduv.jpg

L-R Mushroom, Uncovered, Nude Beach & Ballerina

The Shades


Perfect if you’re into deep mauve shades or if you’re looking for that grey undertone to your lip colour.


This a straight up rose shade. For some this will be great for a my lips but better look or maybe a demure evening shade for those not bold enough to wear a red.

Nude Beach

I’d have expected a shade with this name to be more of a nude or at least a peach. But this is actually a soft coral which is something a bit different. I have seen a lot of talk about coral since maybe 2012, I think it’s time for a comeback. This is super wearable and nice change from the norm.


This is the one I this will be the most popular; a classic peachy nude. An all terrains lippie that is head in to my make up bag. I know this is a first impressions but Ballerina and I hit it off and we might be life long friends. As I said these remind me of the Elf Matte lip colors, this specifically is similar to Nearly Nude. I think it’s being replaced by something I have easy access to.

There are other shades in the range and, depending on how get on with these guys, I may go back for more.

Have you tried any of Primark’s makeup range? What would you recommend?


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Every quarter I set myself goals. Every week I set myself tasks to complete. Every video I promise future content. What do these have in common? They have yet to materialize. I claim lack of time, lack of energy; what I mean is lack of drive. I let things get in the way. I allow little set backs to put me off and thus I achieve very little of what I set out to do. This month I decided to change this and challenge myself. I have decided to take on three 30 day challenges.

 photo 30daysofred2_zpstnwzkbiw.jpg

The Plan


Firstly I am taking part in the Instagram Challenge #30daysofred where I am showing a different red lip product every day. I have wanted to do this challenge for the longest time and initially thought of doing it through the blog; but the thought of it was overwhelming. Doing this on Instagram will is much more condensed process, I don’t why it never ocurred to me earlier. The next two however will be a lot more work.


Over the past year I have compiled lists of post ideas. I like to discuss more than just makeup here. Broaching topics like economics and societal issues are an intention of mine. I believe both the frivolous and the serious can exist in the same space. Over the course of this month I will have a post up every day catching up on everything I’ve been wanting to share. This will take a bit of effort but with the help of photographing in bulk and trying to keep a few days ahead I should manage.


This will be the real challenge. Just getting a single filmed, edited and upload is a long process; filling the links in the description box just adds to it. So getting 30 of them in a row is a major commitment. Again I will be relying on finding time to bulk filming. I hope this will help me perfect my time management and organization skills; and develop my delivery in my videos too.


I thought I’d slip this in here even though it’s a personal goal, it’ll make me accountable. I want to get back in shape. I do a lot of walk so cardio isn’t a problem, I need to tone. I want to have a bash at the 30 day sit up challenge I’ve seen on pinterest. If it goes well I will try another exercise challenge next month. I picked this one to start with because it is my stomach and core muscles that need the most attention.

I may be biting off more than I can chew, but I may kill this. We’ll find out in 30 days!


 photo tilbury trio 1_zpsqpzgeckq.jpg

Recently Charlotte Tilbury became available at House of Fraser. For brands I don’t have physical access to I prefer to be able to order online and collect in store which is why I’ve never purchased Chalotte Tilbury before. I have been itching to try her product for a long time, and I’ve built up quite a wish list, but for now I am just sampling the lipstick selection.
Charlotte Tibury currently has three lipstick collections to choose from; K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipsticks (Original Formula), Matte Revolution Lipsticks (Luminous Matte Formula) and Hot Lips Lipsticks (Luminous Matte Formula).

 photo tilbury trio 2_zpsgfdxkffw.jpg

K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Stoned Rose

Of Course I had seen all the gorgeous nude shades that came out with the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipsticks, I found it difficult to only pick one. Stoned Rose is a looks more of a brown nude in the tube but once it’s swatched in is a definite rose shade on my skin tone it pulls warmer, almost with undertones of sienna. Definitely a good first choice. It’s an elegant nude that works both for day and night looks. A perfect handbag shade for me.
The formula is luxurious, creamy and pigmented. It reminds me of the YSL Rouge Volupte but more user friendly. Where the Rouge Volupte was too creamy and often smears, this has a tackiness that hugs the colour to your lips. With cream finishes you can’t expect an all day wear but the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick does have a good wear time of about 4 hours. And it leaves your lips feeling soft too.

 photo tilbury trio 3_zpsi6u3zhqk.jpg

Matte Revolution in Bond Girl

Firstly I will say that this looked different online than in person. I thought this would be a brown nude and what I got was a vampy burgundy. However, I am in love with it. Wine shades are my favourite for evening wear. They are dramatic but sophisticated, and often leaves behind a stain so you don’t have to worry too much about how your lipstick is wearing off.
Unfortunately most wine shades tend to be a cream finish (which can get messy) or ultra matte (which can be dry and is hard to maintain) which is why I love Bond Girl so much. The Luminous Matte formula is quite different to the previous formula. It is very lightweight, zero tackiness and feels like velvet in the lips. I doesn’t pack as much pigment but it’s by no means sheer. Because this is not a powder matte it doesn’t last as long as some matte formulas, but it doesn’t claim to be long wearing. I can get a good 6 hours wear out of this formula, possibly longer if you aren’t eating. It also isn’t drying, which makes this a more desirable range for mature lips.

 photo tilbury trio 4_zps3s7vw744.jpg

Hot Lips in Tell Laura

Can You tell I bought this one because my name is literally on it? The Hot Lips range also uses the luminous matte formula and each shade was either inspired by or made in collaboration with a celebrity. This shade is inspired by Laura Bailey. She writes for many publications including Vogue and The Sunday Times.
The shade itself is one of my favourite types of red; an orange based red. For me it is the perfect red to wear in the Summer, especially if you are that into corals. It looks awesome with a tan for an effortless glam look, or in the Winter against pale skin for a bright day time look.

For my first dip into Charlotte Tilbury makeup I am impressed. I really want to try out other shades of the lipstick. I’ve been swooning over a few eye shadow palettes and the foundation everyone’s been raving about. Maybe in the future these shall be in my possession but for now I have my trio and they’ll do me.


Since the recession began in 2008 we, as a nation, have been becoming more aware of how the economy works and as ever; how money makes the world go round. Most recently, the Brexit result has had people in a tizzy with fears of economic collapse. Whilst the Pound has taken a hit and the markets looked a bit rocky this is not a sign of immanent doom. With everything I have witnessed and experienced before and since the recession I have pooled together what I believe could prevent another recession and potentially help society as a whole.

 photo help the economy_zpsm07l0rg7.jpg

Cut Your Debt

Whether it’s store cards, credit cards or loans, being tied down by debt can often seem like you are working for nothing. Depending on how much you owe this can drain your income making you feel like you’re working for nothing. You could be paying your monthly bill to have half the payment wiped out by the interest or you could be paying as much as you can each month and end up relying on the cards for basic daily needs. This can become a vicious circle that can put you in even more debt or lead to bankruptcy. Neither of which is good for you or the economy or the stability of the banking industry. By finding the best way for you to cut your debt you will have more disposable income and a healthier credit score.

Shop Smart

We live an increasingly wasteful society. Impulse purchases or the desire to have latest buzz item can take a toll on your bank balance and impact other factors. If we take Smart Phones for example; these are sold to you on a two year contract for the fact its ability to function will start to deteriorate after this point if it hasn’t died already. They know you’ll want to move on the latest and greatest. When a smart phone is basically a palm sized computer and cost the same as my computer I expect to get a lot more than two years out of it (especially since my Nokia 3510i circa 2005 is still alive and kicking). Do your research and purchase goods that fit your needs from companies with a reputation for production quality rather than buying what everyone else has just because everyone else has it. You may sometimes might have to spend a little more but that £200 Hobbs Coat will last you a lot longer than that £30 one from Primark that will look dated in 6 months if it hasn’t started falling apart.
And when it comes to food shopping; only buy what you need. Plan out your meals for the week and you’ll have an instant shopping list to keep you on track.

 photo penny jar 2_zps5k57eadi.jpg

Shop In Store

I know shopping online is super convenient, you can do it in or pyjamas at anytime of the day or night. But shopping online has a knock on effect on the job market. Less foot traffic means less in store purchases, which leads to unjustified staffing numbers and in some cases store closures. This means less people in employment, less people shopping, more job losses and a vicious circle that results in a stagnant economy. By shopping in store you help keep people in work and could help create more job oppertunities. Seek out independent stores to help encourage business enterprises. And while you’re at it pay in cash. Not only will the act of physically handing over money make thing about your purchase and prevent impulses, but it also mean the retailer doesn’t get lumped with the phone and transfer fees that come with card payments.

Eat Out

This follows on from the previous point of cultivating the job market. Instead of getting take out or going to Subway, try going to a cafe or a restaurant regularly. There is something luxurious about having someone wait on you and have your dinner cooked for you. But you also have the great feeling of knowing you’ve helped keep someone employed and thus helped keep the economy rolling.

Holiday At Home

This is the one that could benefit the economy the most. I’m not saying I disapprove of foreign holidays, the UK isn’t always the warmest place in the Summer. But remember when you go abroad so does your money. The UK is full of wonderful seaside resorts that could do with a boost in visitors. There’s always weekend getaways to picturesque country homes. Set yourself a challenge to visit all the National trust sites. Or, my favourite, go for walking holiday in Wales. All over Wales there are coastal trails, historic castles and tours of the old mines. These types of holidays give you the chance to explore our nation and help rural economies.

So if you ever think the economy is dipping just remember you can help. Increase your disposable income, be a physical consumer and keep your money in British coffers.

What would you do to help the economy?


I never thought baby brain was really a thing. I always thought it was an excuse to let off pregnant women when they couldn’t be arsed. Ignorant of me to think so, yes, but I do still believe some women milk it. After 5 months of getting up repeatedly during the night either to pee, eat or tackle some heart burn, the lack of sleep starts to get to you. I hadn’t been able to focus on any one thing for longer than 20 minutes. Now little Luna is here I have a new sense of drive, and being as she sleeps a good chunk of the time I figure now is a good time to set some new goals.


Set a schedule. I would like post three times a week. I have lists of post ideas, I just need to write the articles. At the very least I should a post each week.


Keep it up. This past week I’ve gotten three videos up. This is the pace I’d like to maintain.
Booktube. I would like to get back into booktube. I have a lot more time for reading in the evenings and I’d like to talk about what I’ve read. Even if it’s just a weekly round up of what I read and then I’ll build from there.
 photo GLOSS_zpsua8xgpip.jpg

Social Media

Instagram. I’m so lazy when it comes to instagram. It’s such an easy platform that I could really benefit from. Again I’m going to challenge myself to post there three times a week.
Twitter. To be honest I still don’t understand the point of Twitter and I’ve considered eliminating it. I’m going to give it until the end of the quarter. I’m challenging myself to use Twitter once a day anf if I still don’t see any benefits I’ll be deleting my account.


Goodreads Guilt. Everytime I log in to Goodreads I’m met with my yearly goal and the fact I’m 41 books behind amd counting. As I have more time now I should be able to close this gap. But it means I’ll have to finish at least 4 books a week to meet my goal of 100 for the year… yikes!
Serial Killer. During my reading adventures I want to finish up some series. I have lots of them. I read the first book, bought the rest of the series and just never got round to finishing them. Or in some cases I liked the premise of the first book, bought it and every sequel and now own a series I don’t know If I’ll like. My main focus will be the works of Cassandra Clare. I feel like I’m missing out in that one.

Other Projects

I want to finish my first draft of Live Laugh Love and have drafted a plan for Channelers by the end of the quarter. This is a hefty goal but it’s one that I really want to achieve even if I have to put off other goals.
Jewelry. I want to get my jewelry business back up and running. I have the supplies, the time and the creativity. I just need to get on it.

That is an impressive list of goals for me to work towards. Some may say daunting, but I like to keep it positive here.
What are your goals for this quarter? Let me know in the comments of leave me a link to your blog.

Laura | xoxo

With the Scottish Parliament elections less than a month away it’s becoming a frequent topic of conversation in my circle. We openly discuss politics and and social issues affecting the world today. We debate and have opposing but we always respect each others’ views. When I raise the same topic with some of my younger friends I was met with a wall of sheer oblivion. Never mind that we’re less than a month away from the election and the month after is the European Union referendum, they didn’t even realise that at their youthful age of 18 they were eligible to vote.
 photo money_zpszq5dmnmb.jpg
I understand that politics doesn’t seem all that interesting, especially when you’re 18. And so often I’m met with the response “It has nothing to do with me”. “It has everything to do with you!” I want to cry. The Government affects everything from how much your labor is worth to the quality of education that is provided to our children. They decide how your income tax is best used to benefit the country. And no, your income tax doesn’t go on unemployment benefit. That is covered by the individual’s own National Insurance contributions. It infuriates me when people pull out these old chestnuts. Waffling on in indignant tones about how appalling it is that there hard earn money is being used to fund these layabouts, and everyone listens nods and agrees as if they’re saying something insightful or poignant when really you’re just revealing how little you know about how the system works. Sorry, tangent.
 photo highend buys_zpsndyrwn7r.jpg
The point I’m trying to make is that even though you may find politics boring, understanding politics and participating is very important. The fist step of course is registering to vote which you can do on the Government website here. You have until April 18th to register in time for the Scottish Elections and June 7th to register in time for the European Union Referendum.
Once you do this it’s time to educate yourself. In terms of the Scottish Elections you should read the Party Manifestos. Some of the Parties haven’t printed Manifestos specifically for this election but take a little time to read through their websites and you’ll easily find out the what each Party stands for. All that’s left for you to do is think about what is important to you and decide which Party best represents you. In the case of the Referendum, Google is your Friend. There are many impartial Pro and Con Lists to give you the basic information and from there a few more Google searches should help you find all the additional information you need to make an educated pinion on what could be a life changing decision.

To be honest there is so much more I could say on this, and I will in future posts. But for now I will leave you with this information to get you started. And also make a point of trying to watch the News once a day. And I don’t mean checking Facebook headlines, I mean actual news reports. Or buy a Paper and help the economy.

Laura | xoxo